Thirteen Things I Get To Do For Mother’s Day Weekend

1. NOT wash the dishes.
I was promised.
2. Take a sick day on Friday and Monday
3. Leave Friday to go to Fallon, Nevada
4. Go to Corning, CA. for discounted liquor
This is a weird store that my best friend sends me to for a great deal on booze.
5. Visit my best friend Michelle!!!! YAY
Do a little drinking
crown Royal of course
6. Post some drunk pics on Twitter
7. And maybe on Tumblr
8. Sleep in on Sunday
9. Help feed Michelle’s horses
10. Do a little more drinking
Just a little. Swearsies!
11. Sleep in on Monday
12. Make the leisurely drive home.
13. Post pictures on Facebook

I absolutely love visiting my best friend and I missed her birthday in March so the Redneck told me to go as my Mother’s Day present. He lurrves me.



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4 responses to “Thirteen Things I Get To Do For Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Have a great Mother’s Day!


    My TT is at

  2. Enjoy your weekend and have a great Mother’s Day! My T13: Teacher Appreciation

  3. You lucky bug. My family has already told me it’s a Hallmark Holiday, and they don’t intend to bother.

  4. Have an awesome day/weekend! I don’t get to have Mother’s day. 😦

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