Thirteen Reasons I luuurve my New Website

1. The Banner
Melissa Blue made my banner and found the awesome picture.
2. The New Book Pages
Crystal Jordan created series pages for my books.
3. The new colors
I love the bold black and red.
4. The new style
My previous website was good, but I had requested something that wasn’t too much of a statement since Jennifer McKenzie was more sensual than erotic and Jennifer Leeland was very erotic. This is better.
5. It’s Pretty Clear What I Write
Every time I release a book, I get an email saying “Does this book have BDSM in it? I hate BDSM.” With this website, I think the answer will be clear.
6. I love the user friendliness
7. It’s even awesome on my phone
8. I love the ease in which I can edit it
Though I leave the more complicated stuff to my Mistress. Er-I mean my WEB Mistress.
9. Crystal did it SO FAST
I was so lucky she was able to do it.
10. It desperately needed an update
I’d had the same website for six years.
11. It’s Pretty, Shiney and NEW.
12. It’s encouraging me to keep going
Kind of like buying a cute pair of jeans when you lose weight.
13. It’s made by Crystal Jordan.
I love EVERYTHING she does.



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4 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I luuurve my New Website

  1. New! Shiny! Gotta love that! 😀

  2. Glad you’re liking your new site!

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