Thirteen Experiences With Tumblr..Or Why I’m Not A Social Media Queen….

So, yeah. I finally joined Tumblr. And I’ve been kind of lost ever since. LOL!

1. I like the URL it gives you.
So easy to remember! But after that, things get dicey. LOL!
2. I joined because of the video below.

Coolest fan art ever and all on Tumblr.
3. Tumblr asks your interests
And then you’re following blogs. It was kind of weird.
4. I love the search engine
You put in a search term and it searches for Tumblr blogs with those “tags” or blogs with the actual name. It’s cool.
5. I love gifs
And they all seem to come from Tumblr. It’s amazing how talented people are.
6. I accidentally created two blogs.
And it took me three days to figure out how to delete it. LOL!
7. I worry I won’t have enough content
I barely keep up with this one. LOL!
8. I wish I could connect this one with Tumblr
Like they let you connect Twitter and Facebook. Which I don’t because I think those two places are different. Mmmm. I’ll have to think more about this.
9. Tumblr kind of makes my squirrel tendencies worse.
I could wander…..and wander…..and wander……
10. The coolest experience and most scary….
was when I put in the tag BDSM. I’ll never understand why “Porn” and “BDSM” are linked. They’re so VASTLY different.
11. I could waste a lot of time on Tumblr
And never regret it. LOL!
12. I wish I was a gif maker.
I get ideas, but holy moly that looks like a lot of work! LOL!
13. I’ll keep you updated.
Meanwhile, let me know what you see. I’m not sure if I’m doing ANY of it right. LOL!



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8 responses to “Thirteen Experiences With Tumblr..Or Why I’m Not A Social Media Queen….

  1. I’ve never been on Tumblr! LOL!


    My TT is at

  2. I guess I should do Tumblr too. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but it looks like it’s going to be every bit as time consuming as I feared.

  3. Be warned! Tumblr is a timesuck unlike any other – except, perhaps, Wikipedia. It pulls you in and that’s all it takes. 😉

  4. I’ve never tried Tumblr either. I waste enough time as it is.

  5. Never been on tumblr and don’t think I need another online distraction. My T13: Life on Mars and Mix-up Files

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