All you writers out there……

I have a thought. It’s not a deep one, or angsty or anything. It’s just a thought. Is there anything out there that you wish you could write? That you’ve tried and had epic fail?
What prompted this thought was a review on Dear Author featuring “Sumer Lovin'” by Nicole Chardenet.
The excerpt, the concept and the blurb all make the book sound funnier than hell. And after my last serious post about the lack of hope in the world (which I fixed, by the way, with a string of Melissa Blue books), this looked like something that provided an answer. It featured bad guys and good guys and IT guys named Dave. Seriously? It looked like a laugh riot.
And I had the same reaction that I had after I read “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie. I can’t write funny. I don’t have that gift. Maybe that’s why I love Melissa Blue and Toni Sue Versteeg who have that knack for cracking me up no matter what. They’ve got snark and wit all rolled in with excellent pacing. Like stand up comedy, writing humor requires great timing.
I always wanted to be Erma Bombeck, the intrepid columnist who made even the most tragic circumstances bring a smile to my face even as it brought tears to my eyes. Writing like that is special.
It’s not that I can’t write. I’ve got my own voice, my own knack for writing what I write. It’s just…not humorous. It always has a happy, feel-good ending, but I can’t make someone laugh out loud the way Crusie, Blue and Versteeg do. That’s not my forte.
But sometimes, I wish I could. I wish I could write that funny story that brought tears of laughter to a reader’s face. Because the world needs more light.
So, tell me. When the world is too heavy, too dark, too MUCH. Do you read something light and fluffy? Something funny? What authors do you gravitate to?
Like I said, I went on a Melissa Blue binge, reading all her books I had (and I’ve got them all). She just has a way of making my step a little lighter and my muscles relax. Tell me who YOU read?



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4 responses to “All you writers out there……

  1. Sue

    I have to preface this comment with the fact that I was an avid stalker…erm, fan long before I was asked to co-author with her. (Jennifer should be able to attest to this.) That being said, GEMMA HALLIDAY all the way. 🙂

  2. Jen

    LOL! I actually thought you might say that. And yes, I can attest that Ms. Versteeg was a huge, supportive fan of Gemma long before she co-authored a book with her. So I think that validates your suggestion.

  3. I reach for things that look like they will be fluffy all the time. But I don’t really try to even my mood out with it, and I don’t have any authors I reach for over and over because they make me laugh.

  4. Sophie Kinsella. Hands down. I pimp who to anyone who wants funny and sweet romances. Yes, they are more women’s fiction. HUMOROUS women’s fiction.:)

    Also, Nora Roberts, JAK, Jennifer Crusie. Then there’s just books I re-read. I’m odd.

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