So, the Redneck and I began a discussion yesterday…..

….and I thought I’d share.
Easter was a quiet affair at our house. No fanfare. No stress. We’ve been very sick around here and there’s no energy to really “celebrate”.
But as I was catching up on the latest movie trailers, I noticed something.
There’s no hope.
Seriously. According to Hollywood, we’re a doomed species with little to recommend the future except death and destruction. Oh, and all aliens are hostile and out to kill off humans.
And if we’re not doomed to a grim future of fighting each other and alien hosts, we’re completely drugged and making absolutely no sense whatsoever. In a totally emo hopeless way.
“The Host”, “Oblivion”, “The Colony”, “World War Z”, even the new Star Trek “Into Darkness” all depict a world that’s devoid of hope, empty of human kindness, filled with death. There is no “adventure”, no “quest” anymore. There’s only our own stuttering death knell as we flounder in a future of our own selfish making.
Then, there’s the thrillers. These seem to indicate some serious drug use on the part of filmmakers or as I called them to my husband, mind fucks. “Trance”, “Now You See Me”, “My Brother The Devil”, “The Place Beyond The Pines” and “Disconnect” all seem to have visual images that don’t so much describe a story and mess with my head!
Then, there’s very little romance and the most interesting films in this genre seem to also be made of mind fuck. “Stuck In Love” is filled with “whaaaaaa???”. The most interesting trailer for me was “Fill the Void” which seems to be a love story with a unique twist THAT I UNDERSTAND.
And that’s what the Redneck and I discussed. There seems to be little hope out there for the future. I mean, Keanu Reeves is starring in a movie called “Generation Um….”. WTF??
I’m wondering where all this is coming from. This nihilistic view of the world doesn’t seem to match the facts that the Mayans were wrong. The world didn’t end. Life is thriving. What will we do with this gift of our lives?
Apparently, we don’t know. Apparently, we’re going to be in a never ending “Hunger Games”, facing off against each other for nothing more than death. I don’t get it. It’s like the whole world needs an anti-depressant.
What’s your take? Do you think I missed something? Is there hope in the world and I don’t see it?
Tell me what you think?



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4 responses to “So, the Redneck and I began a discussion yesterday…..

  1. Neena

    Kill the TV. Seriously. The possibilities for good when that media was first released to the public were endless. It immediately devolved into trash, and with few exceptions has continued down that path. We grow what we feed. There would be no reason to invest in making this stuff if the public didn’t support it. Be mindful of what you bring into your head/soul and into your home.

  2. Sue

    You really had to look past the channel guide on your television? They have a taxidermy reality show! And a nail salon. Not to mention that Jersey Shore made it…at all. Yeah… I agree with you though. Would you like to share my handbasket to hell? 😉

    • Jen

      LOL! I think it’s interesting that my view of humanity is so different! I believe in our ability to rise above, to be more, to WIN. I find the pessimism out there disconcerting.

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