13 Gifs I Love

PLEASE NOTE: All of these are from Tumblr images and I don’t own the rights to them. Check out the links to find out where they originated.

LBD gif 1

LBD gif 2

LBD gif 3

LBD gif 4

NCIS gif 3


Scandal Gif 3

Scandal Gif

Sherlock Bored

Sherlock John

Sherlock pants

Sherlock Shock



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7 responses to “13 Gifs I Love

  1. Gotta love the Gibbs head slap! Recently Read

  2. I liked the are you wearing pants one 🙂

  3. There are some good ones here even though I don’t recognize any of them. I’m so out of it.

  4. These are awesome. I love me some NCIS. 🙂 Happy Thursday, Jen!

  5. I’ve only seen a couple of these shows, but I know I’d enjoy Sherlock because Martin Freeman’s in it and I ADORE Martin Freeman! 🙂

    Happy (belated) TT!

  6. Attila the Mom


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