13 Songs That Inspire Me….

Most of you know I usually choose a song to keep me pumped up and going especially when I start a goals thread on Romance Divas. So, today, I thought I’d throw out the songs that inspire me and keep me pushing on.

1.”Comeback” by Redlight King. This is my theme song this year.

2. “My Time” by Scorcher This was Dayna Hart’s theme song on her goals thread and I hadn’t heard it. Love it!!!

3. “Survival” by Muse This theme song from the 2012 London Olympics is FANTASTIC! I really like the video too.

4. “You Steady My Heart” by Kari Jobe I’m not normally into Christian Rock but this song really speaks to me and keeps me on task.

5. “Forgiveness” by Matthew West Another surprising Christian Rock song that made it onto my year’s list. I realized sometime last summer that I was still hanging onto some stupid stuff. It led me back to my spiritual home (which isn’t a church btw) and charged me to forgive. This song, well, it helps.

6. “Coming Home” by Skylar Grey Skylar has been my favorite artist for the last year. Most people don’t realize that she wrote the hook on this song. This is the full version of the song. Of course, P Diddy put his mark on it with his version….which I love too. LOL! This is the original though and I love it.

7. “Feed The Machine” by Red This song is one of my defiant songs, that keep me fighting back when it seems easier to just give up.

8. “Lies, Greed, Misery” by Linkin Park Another defiant song. There are times when my inspiration has to be a little on the angry side. LOL!

9. “Daylight” by Maroon 5 This is a song where the video is the inspiration. I love the idea that Maroon 5 had to make all their fans part of the video. I’m so impressed with the honesty, the emotion that seems to come right out of the computer screen.

10. “Be Still” by The Fray This song is one of the most beautiful, simple inspirations. I sometimes just need to stop and be still, remembering that I’m not alone.

11. “Back To Go Again” by Framing Henley I can SO relate to this song. It’s really kept me inspired because it reminds me that I’m not the only one who feels like I’m trudging through my career looking for that big break.

12. “Winter In Me” by Skylar Grey Powerful song. Short. Simple.

13. “Here’s To Us” by Halestorm I love this song so hard!!!!! Here’s to us, you guys. Welcome to 2013.



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13 responses to “13 Songs That Inspire Me….

  1. Great list, Jen! I love Linkin Park, Maroon 5, and Muse. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. I have to say (as usual) – I haven’t heard any of these except the Muse song. I’ll have to do some listening this afternoon, I reckon. 🙂

    Happy TT to you! 🙂

  3. I never heard of any of those! LOL!


    My TT is at http://paigetyletheauthor.blogspot.com

  4. Have only heard of a couple of these. Love “Be Still.”

    • Jen

      I heard that one on “Criminal Minds” and the scene is so awesome. The song stands on its own, but I first heard it with that most beautiful of scenes

  5. You always have the most interesting, eclectic lists! There are some great songs here, and some I never would have heard of otherwise. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

  6. Love the list! I’m going to have to get me a theme song. LOL Happy New Year, Toots!

  7. I’m totally coming back for a listen (I’m at work on my lunch hour.)

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