13 Favorite Moments From 2012

I am going to be glad to end this year. Despite a lot of “stuff” going on, there were some highlights that were awesome.

1. The Pinewood Derby in January
Our kids participated in the annual pinewood derby for Scouts. The cool thing was that we invited athletes from Humboldt Special Olympics to come and they did. We had almost 100 people there. It rocked.
2. “Dark Revenge” release at Ellora’s Cave in January
I was SO GLAD to see this book come out.
3. The Blue and Gold Dinner in March
My oldest son crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. The ceremony was perfect.
4. Visiting The Pampinito
We stayed on the WWII submarine Pampinito in April in San Francisco. That was so COOL!!!
5. Oregon Caves in June
The Scouts took a trip to the Oregon Caves and it was a great trip. The caves are fantastic!!!
6. Relay For Life
Our team Scouting For the Cure had an awesome weekend for a good cause.
7. The Rodeo Parade
Our Pack and Troop led the parade this year. What an honor.
8. Week with Michelle
Demolition Boy and I spent a week with my best friend and her husband in Nevada. It was so relaxing and wonderful.
9. Release of “The Wolf of Arundale Hall
I never expected to contract this book and I was thrilled (and scared) when it came out.
10. My friends to the Rescue
Some ugliness went down in July and led to some legal stuff. Lawyers are EXPENSIVE and someone very very awesome loaned the Redneck and I the money to afford one. I don’t know what I did to deserve it. Another person sent some gift cards for Toys R Us after the Redneck got laid off and our Christmas was in jeopardy. Again, I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I hope I can pay it forward and be there for someone else in the future.
11. Finishing and contracting “Dark Past”
The sequel to “Dark Revenge” took an appalling 9 months to write. I normally don’t take that long. This wasn’t a stellar year for word count. But I finished AND CONTRACTED the book. So YAY!!!!
12. Crit Partner’s Vote of Confidence
A book I had thought to let die languished on my hard drive. Finally, my crit partner told me to send it to her. I did and she encouraged me to finish it and fix it. Even though that sucker needs work, it led to me having more faith in my work. I may have to gut that sucker, but I’m going to fix it.
13. Christmas at my Mom’s
If you know me, you know this is a shocker. Normally, Mom and I maintain a surface relationship, carefully negotiating the various landmines that seem to dot our landscape. But the weekend before Christmas, we spent a very nice, relaxing, loving weekend with my mom. I’m so grateful to her for that.



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4 responses to “13 Favorite Moments From 2012

  1. You’ve had a busy year, Jen. I’m so sorry about the legal trouble. *Hugs* God bless those people for helping. And I totally understand your relationship with your Mom. Mine is the same way. Congrats on the new contract! I hope 2013 is an AWESOME year for you! 🙂

  2. I know you guys had a bit of a rough year, so it’s nice to see some of the things you found to appreciate. Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2013!

  3. Glad to catch up on the happier highlights of a tough year. Especially glad about the legal angel, the Toys R Us angel and the weekend with your mom.

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