Thirteen Foods that say “Christmas” to me…

1. Black Olives
I eat them all year long IN stuff, but at Christmas, I’ll eat them…just by themselves.
2. Baked Ham
We always had baked ham when I was a kid. Since I’ve been married, it’s been turkey and prime rib and all kinds of other things.
3. Duck
The Redneck often goes hunting this time of year and we get to have duck and quail for a dinner around Christmas.
4. Crab
Since I moved to Humboldt County, this has been a traditional food at this time of year.
5. Oranges
I always got one in my stocking and I still eat them this time of year.
6. Lindor Truffles
OMG, these are SO GOOD. And I won’t spend money for them so the Redneck buys them for me every Christmas.
7. Life Saver Books
We got one every year when I was a kid and of course, I pass on the tradition.
8. Almond Roca
I make homemade Almond Roca every year at least once. It’s another tradition. For most of my life, I thought this is what most people knew what almond roca. But the stuff in the can has chocolate on it and mine doesn’t. I like them both, but the homemade stuff is my favorite.
9. Ginger cookies
This has all the flavors of Christmas in it. I love them. The recipe I have is for chewy cookies, not crunchy like ginger snaps.
10. Clendenan’s Apple Cider
This another Humboldt County tradition that has become embedded in my DNA. I love this Cider.
11. Apple Crisp
My mom didn’t make pie at Christmas. She made this. SO. GOOD.
12. Sugar Cookies
For years I cooked plain sugar cookies with sprinkles. Then, my best friend introduced me to the most awesome sugar cookie recipe EVAH! Her cookies are topped with frosting and decorated. Quell Awesome. I adopted her tradition of Christmas Cookie Weekend that usually involves friends and whiskey. LOL!
13. Clam Dip
Chips and dip was something we rarely had when I was a kid except at Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Superbowl. I still do it that way.



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4 responses to “Thirteen Foods that say “Christmas” to me…

  1. Oh, dear… I could surely go for a sugar cookie right about now. Yummah! 🙂

    Happy TT!

  2. Okay, now I’m hungry. LOL. Love the list. I think the only thing I would add would be pecan pie. YUM! Happy Thursday, Jen! 🙂

  3. Mmm… Black olives and ham and oranges and Lindor truffles and gingerbread… Yum!

  4. I have to admit, I don’t think of most of those! LOL! Fun TT!


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