A Great Review for “Wolf Of Arundale Hall”.

Romancing The Book gave a nice review for “Wolf of Arundale Hall” by Sarah L. I especially like what she said about Elizabeth. I loved writing Elizabeth, so I love it when readers connect with her.

Elizabeth was the gem of the story. She was loyal, independent, strong and determined, but we also saw a softer side to her as well. The side that wanted to be loved and was terrified he would leave her again. I loved the way she didn’t meekly forgive Joshua for being gone 10 long years. She made him grovel and work to earn her affections all over again. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Joshua’s character since he did abandon his wife and brother but he was such a likable fellow that I did later come to respect him and rooted him on to win back Elizabeth’s heart and trust.


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  1. Huge congrats on the new review..well deserved…

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