Thirteen of my Favorite Heroines

Last week, I did thirteen of my favorite heroes. Today, it’s the heroine’s turn.

1. Marguerite from “Ice Queen” and “Mirror of My Soul” by Joey W. Hill.
Marguerite is an amazingly strong character with a personality that leapt off the page. Though I love all of Joey Hill’s heroines, Marguerite is one of the top two. And the second one is…..
2. Mistress Dona from “Mistress of Redemption”by Joey W. Hill I think it’s interesting that the two top heroines I love are Female Dominants. Mistress Dona is the ultimate fem domme. Plus, Joey Hill brilliantly brings in an almost paranormal element into her series which is strictly contemporary. In my opinion, you can’t read this story without reading “Natural Law” first. To really appreciate Mistress Dona’s task of redeeming Jonathan Powell, it helps to see Jonathan in action.
3. Lady Jane Minshom from “Simply Insatiable” by Kate Pearce For several books, Lord Minshom is portrayed in a negative, even evil light. But with the arrival of his wife, Lady Jane, his character becomes more understandable. It’s Jane that brings out the sexy and even desperate side of Minshom. Jane is no shrinking flower and I loved her ability to stand up to the man who held all the cards with absolutely every intention of playing them against her. She is also the most sensual of the characters in the Simply series for me. Something about the way she surrenders is stunningly beautiful.
4. Jillian Fox from “Big Temptation” by Robin Rotham This woman is an incredible character. At the beginning of the story, she is tightly wound, under wraps. But by the time Barrett has stampeded through her life, she opens up and becomes an honest, real person. Some of the scenes are the most painful at a visceral level for me. Jillian didn’t feel like some unrealistic person. She seemed like someone I might know. Loved this character.
5. Moira from “Spectral Bond” by Christine D’Abo In this story, the heroine is the rescuer. Moira is tough, efficient, and smart. Conner is in danger, though almost no one realizes it. But Moira spots something almost immediately. It is her actions, her love that ends up creating the happy ending. She’s a take charge woman who doesn’t tolerate bullshit. I like that.
6. Neil Sullivan from “How Much You Wanna Bet” by Melissa Blue Neil is a smart mouthed, outwardly confident woman who keeps her insecurities to herself. She’s dedicated to her career. But throughout the story, her vulnerabilities were so poignant that I couldn’t help but admire her.
7. Sergeant Major Bren Preston from “Primal Heat” by Crystal Jordan Bren is a very strong female character who holds her own against a dominating male presence. I love her style, her banter and her consistency. This story doesn’t have a strong woman capitulating into a pool of true love. Bren stays Bren. She falls in love, experiences pain, changes, but her strength remains intact. As a reader, it makes me cheer. As a writer, I know how hard it is to write like that.
8. Mahilia from “In Heat” by Crystal Jordan This story, which has a lot more to it than it appears on the surface, is one of the most emotional tear jerkers ever. Right up until the end, I wondered if Mahilia was going to have what she needed. But the woman was strong, so strong. And she MADE this story IMHO.
9. Minerva from “Bet Me” by Jennifer Cruisie
Whenever I talk about heroines, this one ALWAYS makes the list. Minerva is strong, witty, emotional and yet, never weak. She feels real to me. I talk about her like she is. I’ve reread this book a million times and still love her. Best heroine ever.
10. Callie Thiago from “Energy” by Kim Knox
It was tough to pick one heroine from the Planetary Bodies series by Kim Knox. I narrowed it down to two. Callie is one of those heroines that pulls me in before I know it. She’s so…CUTE. I know that doesn’t necessarily sound like a great read, but Callie is unique. She isn’t trying to be cute and fluffy. Deep down, I think she’d like to be something much more intimidating. But she is who she is and I love her that way. This story is brilliantly written and I love Callie’s ability to roll with the punches.
11. Zev Vertinen from “Frequency” by Kim Knox A distressingly obvious like for me. Zev is strong, contained, and totally in love with Jannes, her captain who is OFF LIMITS. Zev is honorable and completely consistent. I love this story, but mainly because I think Zev really gives Jannes a run for his money.
12. Morgan Kale from “Mating” by Lex Valentine I love Lex Valentine’s stories. This time, however, I absolutely fell madly in love with Morgan. If I swung that way, I’d go for her! Seriously? Great character. When I start wanting to yell at the pages because the hero isn’t being to bright, you know you have me. LOL!!
13. Victoria Stark from “Victorious Star” by Morgan Hawke
A kick ass heroine. I love the way she fights with her dominating (and sometimes flat out annoying) heroes. There is one scene in particular that still, even now, makes my stomach ache. Victoria’s pain, her feelings of helplessness and loss, towards the end of the book is so damn gut wrenching. This heroine is complex and emotional. Let’s just say it takes two men to handle her and she ends up in love with them both.



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16 responses to “Thirteen of my Favorite Heroines

  1. Morgan is awesome isn’t she? Tender yet kick ass. More so in the expanded version at EC. And I love love that you’ve Kim’s heroine’s on her. Love those sci-fi women of hers!

    • Jen

      The heroines were tougher than the heroes. I have so many characters I love and had to narrow it down to 13. I didn’t even mention Harriet Vane from Dorothy L. Sayers series. Or Amelia Peabody from Elizabeth Peter’s books.

  2. *note to self: work harder to create a heroine Jennifer will love*
    I’m going to have to take some notes for new books when I’ve whittled down my current TBR pile. Should be… I dunno…

    A few months, maybe? …sigh…

    Happy TT! 🙂

  3. i love the inclusion of your reasons for picking each heroine.

  4. Yet another fabulous list. Only a few I don’t recognize but adding to my TBR!

  5. *hugs* Jen, thanks for the inclusion. My heroines are in excellent company 😀

    • Jen

      They are!!! I actually loved every single one from your Planetary Bodies series, but I had to narrow it down. I never realized how much the heroine in a story being right really meant to me until I did this list.

      • It is something to think on. I’m often so focused on the hero…but it’s important to me that both characters both form a part of the ‘hero-couple’.

  6. I don’t know a lot of these awesome-sounding ladies, but I wanted you to know that because of your posts, I wiped out the entire next ten books on my TBR to read the Vampire Queen series. LOL

    I’d say my favorite heroines include Claire Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s Hallows series.

  7. Have not read any of these, though I recognize most of the author names.

  8. Some authors I already love, some are new to me. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!

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