Thirteen of My Favorite Heroes

Someone on Twitter asked about my favorite fictional hero and that got me thinking about all my favorites. These are the top 13.

1. Gideon Green from Joey Hill’s “Vampire Mistress” and “Vampire Trinity”
2. Gib Winnfred from Melissa Blue’s “How Much You Want To Bet”
3. Lord Blaize Minshom from Kate Pearce’s “Simply Insatiable”
4. Captain Faolan from Christine D’Abo’s “No Quarter”
5. Ben O’Callahan from Joey Hill’s “Hostile Takeover”
6. E’Sey Kahn from Morgan Hawke’s “Fallen Star”
7. Garret Van Deren from T.S.Versteeg’s “Secrets of the Sapphires”
8. Marcus Stanton from Joey Hill’s “Rough Canvas”
9. Mac Nighthorse from Joey Hill’s “Natural Law”
10. Paul Graham from Rowan McBride’s “Paul’s Dream”
11. Peter Howard from Kate Pearce’s “Simply Sinful”
12. Simon Matthews from by Christine D’Abo’s“Commanding Aquisitions”
13. Lieutenant Shauss from Robin Rotham’s “Enemy Overnight”



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17 responses to “Thirteen of My Favorite Heroes

  1. Wow, I’m honored to be on the list. You, um, made me cry…but in a good way. I needed this today. And to be among some great authors. Thank you.

  2. Jen

    You really came into your own with this last one, my friend. You totally belong on this list.

  3. Awgh-thanks Jen, I love those two as well-on different ways 🙂

  4. You should expand on this and let us know *why* they’re your favorites – could be very revealing, ya know? 😉

    Happy TT!

  5. You’ve got me being REALLY naughty, and I keep moving more Joey W. Hill books up my TBR list when I’m SUPPOSED to be trying to catch up on older stuff!

  6. A nice selection of drool-worthy heros!

  7. I have a soft spot for Gib too. As you know…
    Lord Blaize was absolutely drool worthy. I have a thing for anti-heroes and he definitely fit the bit.

  8. Am not familiar with any of these, and you know how much reading I do, lol. My blog

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