In Celebration of My Nervous Breakdown

If you know other authors, you know we lose our minds. Regularly. So, in honor of my complete mental breakdown, I am giving away…..whatever books I can! LOL!
Lately, things have gotten a little too insane for my comfort, but I’m hoping that you’ll all join me in a moment of silence as we look back at the writing life of the nutcase known as Jennifer Leeland….or Jennifer McKenzie depending on who I choose to be on any given day.
Jennifer McKenzie…The Suspense Ridden Nutbag

or Jennifer Leeland…..The OMG-What-Genre-Is-It-Today-Definitely-Dirty nutbag

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is pick one. Now, I’m crazier than a loon so I don’t have a plan on how I’ll choose the winner. It may depend on what kind of smart ass comment you leave me. Maybe. LOL!
Join me in the insanity. Comment until Sunday night and then I’ll award whoever makes me laugh the hardest any book they want in ebook form.

Let the smart assery begin.



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20 responses to “In Celebration of My Nervous Breakdown

  1. Jen

    I should clarify. Let me know what book you’d like. Smart assery included will earn points.

  2. I spent all my smart assery yesterday. lol I’ll take the wolf.

    • Jen

      I am stunned and appalled. No what the fuckery? No giving me shit? I thought for SURE I’d here something about Dominique. But then, maybe you’re sick of her too. LOL!

  3. I think I have all of your books but I couldn’t pass up being a smartass! Wait, today feels like more of a dumbass day. Disregard!

  4. Ladies and gentlemen,
    Please join me in bidding a fond farewell to Jennifer’s mind. As you know, it abandoned her after years of neglect, leaving behind nothing but a note that said, “Gone For Reinforcements.” Now, someone prop up the dolt–er, the guest of honor, and pass me the tequila so I can finish off this eulogy with a shot and a squirt.

  5. Damn and usually I can do smartass in my sleep. Guess I’ve been sitting on it too long. : P

  6. Jen

    Done, ladies! Mel, so far, Gina is kicking your smart ass in the smart ass department! LOL!

  7. Sweet, sexy or over the top hot … I LOVE your writing! Here’s hoping the nervous breakdown is cathartic! πŸ˜‰

  8. Tina Green

    Asses, assery, and fuckery, Oh my! *putting on my goggles* I’m going to sit across the room, far away from the squirting. It’s bad enough I have to deal with my DH’s squirts.

  9. A smartass contest and me having just taken my Sweetness and Light pill for the week. Though the first thought that came to mind was Hide your whiskey, Hide your guns, Crazy JennLee is on the loose again….

    Oh, and if by some sort of glich, I end up winning, I’d like Marked for Surrender.

  10. There’s a whole lot of squirting going on in here. And just so ya know, that word is right up there on my squick-list. πŸ˜› I’ll have one of Sasha’s Sweetness and Light pills, please and thanks! Lord knows I need one.

  11. omg am i too late???…and omg its like sophies.. mother trucking… choice..
    choose one for me!?? somthin dirty πŸ˜‰

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