Back when I started writing, I got an idea from my best friend, Michelle. “Singled Out” was one of my first contracted books and I’m giving away a copy for free. Comment here (or on my Jennifer McKenzie Facebook or on Twitter) and I’ll announce a winner Friday night.

When Michaela gives up on finding a soul mate, her guardian angel works overtime to bring her together with the man of her dreams.

Tim Lassiter has been wanting to get closer to Michaela, his co-worker, but she’s uninterested in fishing in the company pool. How is he going to change her mind when she views him as the jerk she works with?

With a little divine intervention, Tim and Michaela may find true love after all.

It’s available at Cobblestone Press here.


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One response to “Beginnings…..

  1. Jen

    Congratulations to Brandy Taylor who won with her Facebook comment.

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