Thirteen Things I Do When Times Get Tough

Some of you guys know things here have been…well..pretty awful behind the scenes. I’m not blabbing about it too much, but let’s just say that me and my family could use a break. But here’s the things I try and do when times get difficult around here.

1. Try and Get a Good Night’s Sleep
I can’t tell you how many times a situation seemed hopeless until I got a little rest. Stress gets in the way of this, but I try and get good sleep if possible.
2. Reread a book that comforts me
When times are rough, buying books isn’t an option, so I try and reread books that have lifted my spirits before. Nothing depressing and it has to have a happy ending.
3. Watch a movie I own and love
This helps. Sometimes when things are really bad, I have difficulty feeling. My first reaction is to shut down. Sometimes a movie can drag me out of that numb, frozen state.
4. Talk to an author friend about writing
This works. The only time it doesn’t is when I allow myself to indulge in self-pity. Did that to Melissa Blue last night. LOL!
5. Visit Romance Divas
I love that place.
6. Talk to my best friend
She makes me laugh and laughter is the absolute best cure for tough times.
7. Stay Away From Politics
This follows the precept that Bitter Resentment breeds Bitter Resentment. Not going there.
8. Go to an Al-Anon meeting
Doesn’t just save my ass, it saves the people around me too. Let’s just say the program reminds me that I don’t look good in prison orange.
9. Music
I have gotten lost on Youtube looking at videos and finding ones that speak to me, inspire me and lift me up. Like this one and this one and this one.
10. Remember the good stuff
There’s a lot of negative stuff around and it’s easy to focus there. But I know there’s positive stuff out there too. Sometimes I have to look for it, but it’s better for me to concentrate on those things rather than the bad stuff.
11. Try and Be Grateful
I mean, as bad as things might get, there’s always someone who has more to deal with. Like right now, there’s a slew of people going through tons of shit in New Orleans…again. That has to be hard.
12. Coffee
Yeah. I always try and make sure I have coffee. LOL!
13. Reach out to someone else
There’s nothing that makes me put my shit in perspective than reaching out to others who are in serious need.



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14 responses to “Thirteen Things I Do When Times Get Tough

  1. You made some really good points and I believe when you fill your life with positive thoughts and positive people, it’s easier to have a smile on your face and remember when good things do happen. Loved the blog this morning. 🙂

  2. Sue

    Honey, I feel awful that I’m so out of the loop with you! 😦 Text or email any time you need to chat/vent/cry/laugh or whatever! I’d tell you to call, but we both know that the time difference and our schedules aren’t meshing well. Love you.

  3. Getting sleep is particularly hard when times are hard. If I’m lucky, on a good night, I’ll get seven hours. A lot less is normal.

    • Jen

      Yeah. I’ve been known to get the 3am heebie jeebies, but lately I’ve been doing what I can to relax before bed so I can sleep better.

  4. Sorry your having such a hard time right now. Take care and try to get that rest. One thing that seemed to help me is a passage from the Bible: This too shall pass.


  5. This is a great list. I find that besides politics, I have to stay away from any news sites, or even Facebook. I turn off the TV and watch only DVD’s. I take as much emotional control of my environment as possible, try to breathe and just relax.

    Gratitude is hard work! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Excellent post, Jennifer. Sorry things have been rough for you, and hope life gets better soon!

  7. Just a hug. Wish things weren’t so tough.

  8. I think a good night’s sleep helps put perspective on our problems. It does for me anyway. Great tips, Jen.

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