Thirteen Books I’ve Read Lately

I haven’t had a ton of time (note the blog neglect) but I’ve had a chance to read some awesome books. A couple are rereads.

1. “Hot For Pepper” by Emily Ryan-Davis
2. “Tied and Twisted” by Emily Ryan-Davis
3. “Naked and Unleashed” by Emily Ryan-Davis
Clearly I went on an Emily Ryan-Davis kick. It was awesome. Just sayin’. I also bought “This Fire” which I’ll get to soon.
4. “Under His Skin” by Sidney Bristol
5. “Runaways” by Lex Valentine
6. “Mating” by Lex Valentine
I love Lex Valentine books.
7. Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill
My absolute love of Joey W. Hill continues…..
. 8. “No Master” by Christine D’Abo
An auto buy author for me.
9. “A Concise History of China” by JAG Roberts
This was a reread. I keep hoping I’ll understand it the next time around. Nope.
10. “Isabella: She-Wolf of France” by Alison Weir
11. “Eleanor of Aquitaine” by Alison Weir
12. “Katherine Swynford: Mistress of the Monarchy” by Alison Weir
13. “Persuasion” by Jane Austen
and a bonus 14. “Talk Nerdy To Me” by Melissa Blue Melissa writes straight non-erotic contemporary romance. Normally NOT my thing (I like it dirty. You know me). But Melissa is one of the few authors I’ll buy the minute she comes out with a new one. Love her stuff.
I still have a bunch more to buy and read, but I DO have to write at some point….LOL!



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10 responses to “Thirteen Books I’ve Read Lately

  1. My fave of Emily’s book are her Dragon series. Such fun! For historical reading, I love Alison Weir. I also love Carolly Erickson. I haven’t done much reading lately though. Of coourse, there are books I’m really looking forward to that are releasing in the next few weeks. Can’t wait!

  2. The only one I’ve read so far is Persuasion. I’m such a slow reader.

  3. Joey W. Hill is right near the top (heh) of my TBR right now! I’ve heard such raves, I can’t wait to check them out.

  4. I read PERSUASION a couple years ago and really liked it. My most recent reads are the “Graveyard Queen” series by Amanda Stevens. I was up until 3am the other night finishing the second book, and read half of book three last night when rude upstairs neighbors kept me up until 4am. I currently have a giveaway for book one on my blog.

  5. Sue

    Joey has a new book?! How did I not know this?!

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