Mr. Edward Jaimison

I like Edward. He’s not a loud character who insists on telling his story. But he’s a central character for both Joshua and Elizabeth. He was Joshua’s “Man” when the Earl of Arundale died and left his teenage son heir to a large estate, a dysfunctional family and a curse. Jaimison has been the keeper of secrets, the man who covers up all the messes left by Joshua’s relatives, and the one Elizabeth comes to rely on for many of the distasteful chores she must accomplish.
It’s Jaimison who must do many of the business transactions for Elizabeth since, even though she is married to a powerful Earl, has little to no say in the finances she must manage. He is loyal, trustworthy and has kept the Arundale confidence for years. It’s Joshua who recommends Jaimison to Elizabeth and that becomes an issue for the hero early in the book. After all, Joshua left his wife alone for ten years, burdening her with so much that a lesser woman would have caved. And Jaimison, handsome and capable, is right there, a walking temptation. Add to the situation that Elizabeth and Jaimison are forced to go to brothels and houses that cater to sexual deviance. Wouldn’t it be natural for Elizabeth to turn to this man her husband trusted?
But as loyal and upstanding as Elizabeth is to her husband, so is Jaimison. I don’t think he was ever tempted, even though Elizabeth is admirable. In his mind, she is off limits, completely.
That pretty much sums up Edward Jaimison. His purpose in life is to take care of the people he loves; Joshua, Elizabeth, and Perry. He doesn’t think of anything for himself. Women are usually obstacles to whatever goal he’s set. The Arundale family and the men he employs are his family. His loyalty to the Arundales stems from his childhood as he watched his father serve Joshua’s father. Their families have been connected for longer than any of them realize and that, of course, is his story. That connection has larger implications for Jaimison. Don’t ask me what they are because as I said, Jaimison doesn’t talk much.
However, in “Wolf Of Arundale Hall”, he is the trellis that allows love to bloom between Elizabeth and Joshua. What his future role will be is questionable. I hope he gets talkative because I really liked him.



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2 responses to “Mr. Edward Jaimison

  1. do you think he’ll ever have his own story?

  2. Jen

    I think so, Jodi. He deserves one. But he’s so reserved, so unreadable that I’m not sure what that story would look like.

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