Sarah McDonald

I love to talk about my characters, but it’s tough not to give away spoilers when I do. Sarah McDonald is a maid at Arundale Hall and has helped Elizabeth hold everything together in Joshua’s absence. Her loyalty is entirely to her mistress and she resents those who impose on Elizabeth’s goodwill. Protective and feisty, she will stand up for the downtrodden and the suffering.
Her sympathies reluctantly extend to Perry, though not for the reasons of pity. It’s clear that she’s attracted to the brother of Arundale Hall however inappropriate that might be. She despises Joshua’s cousin Melinda who took up residence with Elizabeth.
Sarah is more than a match for both Arundale men, her personality more in line with Boadicea than Guinevere. A fighter, she attracts Perry with her strength and resistance. Women fall at Perry’s feet. Despite his drinking and carousing, he drew women to him. Though he shows little of it in “Wolf of Arundale”, Perry is charming and has beautiful manners when he chooses to. Sarah is well aware of Perry’s ability to sweep a woman off her feet and then walk away from her as if she’d never existed. She is determined to have none of it.
But when the secrets of the Arundale men are revealed, her role changes and she is forced to take a side. It isn’t just loyalty to Elizabeth that places her firmly in the Arundale camp, but her growing feelings for Perry.
The best part is that she has secrets too that will change everything. Of course, that’s a story for the next book. LOL!



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2 responses to “Sarah McDonald

  1. Ohh the more you tease the more I can’t wait to sit and read this.

  2. Jen

    Well, good! LOL! These characters are LOUD! I’m hoping to get the sequel done before the end of the year.

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