Lord Marcus Everret

Sorry I missed yesterday’s Thursday Thirteen. I’ve decided, since “Wolf of Arudale Hall” will be out July 25, 2012, to give you a little view into the characters that are featured in the book. First up, Lord Marcus Everret.
This was an interesting secondary character. Many of my conversations with Marcus were one-sided with his answers being an elegant shrug. He reveals very little of himself, but he has a depth that fascinates me.
In “Wolf of Arundale Hall”, he’s a mysterious neighbor who keeps a house where deviant people come to exercise their kink. He’s the son of the Earl of Everret, but his father left him land but no money to maintain it. He ended up mortgaging most of his land, but retaining an empty title. His land is occupied by richer relatives who paid Marcus a pittance to survive after his father’s death.
Marcus’s mother and father had an understanding. His father was gay, married for form’s sake, not for love. His mother was a woman who sought more twisted pleasures and made a huge social faux pas. She became lover to the Earl of Arudale when the Earl was a young man. It was this relationship that shaped Marcus’s future.
The Earl of Arudale had a huge secret, his family’s legacy leaving him chained to a fate that didn’t include Lady Everret. But the Earl explained this legacy to Lady Everret, explaining that he could only be with his “true mate”. When Marcus was a young man, Lady Everret shared this secret with him, making him privy to dark knowledge of the Arudale men.
Marcus is bitter and angry, spending his life trying to make back the money he needs to wipe out the stain of his mother’s reputation and his father’s peccadilloes. He has no interest in women, though he dominates them as a release. His preference is for men, and his secrets have kept him isolated from most people.
After the death of his mother, his father disdained to help Marcus through life. His father’s death left Marcus bereft of help and family. Only fifteen, it is a rich patron who partners with the overly mature boy to begin a house in London that catered to the sexually adventurous of the Ton. After many years of proving himself to be a financial genius and a savvy businessman, Marcus finally moved near the Arundale estates, planning a twisted sort of revenge.
He blames the now dead Lord Arudale for his fall and his circumstances. His plans to take out his revenge on the Arundale sons begins with his knowledge of their dark secret, a legacy they never learned since the Lord and Lady Arundale died before they could educate their boys about the Arundale curse.
And where Marcus is unable to catch Joshua Arudale in a scandalous trap, he finds Perry, the younger brother, easier to drag through the mud. Jealousy and resentment spur his motives, though he feels a reluctant kinship with the two men. He has met and committed to his own mate, meeting Derek Ainger at his house in London. Their relationship eased some of his bitterness, but Marcus is still bent on the destruction of the Arundale men.
Marcus’s story is a sad one since his home is barred from him. The locals, whispering about his father’s sexual orientation and his mother’s promiscuity, rejected him as a boy and expressed satisfaction when he was forced to leave. He becomes determined to make the money to take back his estates and establish his legacy there. Revenge has dominated his whole life, only slightly diminished by his love for Derek.
In the story “Wolf of Arundale Hall”, he comes face to face with the object of his bitterness and must decide whether his revenge is worth the price he has to pay.
He finds, I think, that it isn’t.
His story will be about letting go of the bitterness, the revenge and the ensuing guilt that are the direct consequences of his actions. Though he doesn’t find much happiness in this story, he’s a fantastic character who has come from difficulty into success.
Plus, he’s damn hot. LOL!



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4 responses to “Lord Marcus Everret

  1. Ohh I like him and want to know more about him. Can’t wait to read his story.

  2. Letting go of bitterness and revenge is tough. It sounds like his struggle will possibly be continued in another book?? Your tortured souls are usually pesky enough to ding at you until you make them happy 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Impulsive Hearts and commented:
    I got to beta read for this one. It’s a bit hotter than I usually read, but Jennifer Leeland is always good at providing a great story that keeps me reading along! If you like hot & spicy historicals… you should love this one! Congrats, Jen!

  4. I can’t wait to read this one 🙂

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