Good News, Bad News

So the following post is kind of…personal. For a more writerly post, I would LOVE comments over at Silken Sheets and Seduction.
Well, a lot has been going on and I’m just….overwhelmed by it all. I mean, I can deal with the day to day fight to keep my head above water, but the news I got yesterday morning was like a punch to the gut.
It requires a little background to explain. As many of you know, I’ve been involved in our local Boy Scouts for five years now and in charge of the pack for three years. It’s been a struggle trying to change the “do nothing” attitude of our parents and kids. The Redneck (my husband) have busted our ass, often showing up for service projects or popcorn sales with just our two kids. But we pulled it out, improved our image, and did a bunch of cool stuff.
When I started, there were just three adult women (who I’ve called the Cub Scout Bitches) who did everything. Me and these two other woman worked hard and when The Redneck decided to “suggest” what we should do, I made him put his money where his big mouth was and become the Cubmaster. LOL! We pushed. We planned everything and paid for most of it. We bought uniforms for kids who couldn’t afford them. We busted our asses to get Scouting back on track in our little groups.
Then, my two Cub Scout bitches just…stopped. One has distanced herself for whatever reason. She’s always been a bit of a mystery to me and I’m not sure what her deal is. I got a little tired of seeing on Facebook that she was out drinking or whatever, but figured maybe that’s why she had to back off from us. Not that we judge, but it’s a little difficult to run a Cub Scout den when you’d rather be at the bar. It’s too bad really, because despite the fact that she and I are totally different, I’ve grown to care about her a lot and she’s just….not here. I’ve had to let her go. And her son, too. That’s been hard.
The other Cub Scout bitch also began to disappear until now, she’s almost gone entirely and her two kids are also sporadic.
But last October, a couple moved from Kentucky to California for a job here and brought their two kids to our pack and troop. You know how you meet people and know you’re supposed to hang with them? Well, that’s how it was with them. We got close with them and their kids. They helped us with everything and made our burden light. It seemed so much easier, so much more fun with them right there with us than it had ever been. When the Redneck went out of town, they saved my ass, letting me hang out with them on those difficult Sunday evenings. It was the first time I’d had someone around that I could hang with since my best friend, Michelle, moved to Nevada.
Our little Troop has done so much, so active in our community that we were really starting to get a good reputation. The pinnacle was that Humboldt Special Olympics nominated us for Volunteer Group of the Year for Northern California Special Olympics. We won that award and received recognition at the opening of the 2012 Special Olympics Games in Davis, CA. We were so excited and so proud.
Then, our friends who had come from Kentucky got a phone call. They had to leave.
They’re moving away in the next two weeks. We’ve come to depend on them so much, to value their friendship. I can’t tell you how much this is killing me.
It’s not just that I’m going to miss them in Scouting. They were so much more to us. Part of me wants to rant about how everyone moves away from Humboldt County. Part of me wants to rant at the other parents who don’t step up to do anything so that this wouldn’t leave such a scary, gaping hole in our lives.
But honestly, it comes down to this. It hurts to say goodbye to people. And I don’t want to. I’ve been doing the “everything happens for a reason” and “the job you’re going to will be better than the clusterfuck you put up with here”. The truth is that I just want to cry. A lot.
So, I’m sharing this with you, because it just SUCKS and I don’t want to whine about it in my real life. It’s hard for them too and I don’t want to make it harder. Shit, I’m going to miss them.



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3 responses to “Good News, Bad News

  1. I’m so sorry, sweetness. You still have me! That’s both good AND bad 😉 Love ya.

  2. Jen

    No, that’s ALL good, my friend. The good thing is that they live in Kentucky so I plan to make it out there somehow next year. That’ll put me in your neighborhood. I’ll definitely have to try and get out your way. I need a hug from you!

  3. ugh sorry kiddo… this is kinda a way of life here in DC – most folks only come for a year or so…and well…when you reallllly click its hard to have them move away knowing that even though you’ll “stay in touch” etc..its never the same ;-( sorry

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