13 Errors I Made That Made Me Laugh

I got edits back for “Wolf of Arundale Hall” and some of my errors were pretty funny so I thought I’d share them.

1. I had the word “Swept” 13 times in two pages
Thank God for my editor. When I did a “search and destroy” on the word, I found only 3 other instances of this word. So, 136 pages, I had it 13 times in two of them and only 3 times in the other 134. *shakes head*
2. I didn’t have one repeated word. I had about ten of them.
And they were all bunched together. So, on p.10, I overused the word “dominated”. But then on p.30, the word was “horse”. There were many more.
3. My doctor was English…and then Scottish
He changed nationalities very suddenly. About two paragraphs. (he’s Scottish btw)
4. The word “The”
One of my crit partners corrected the way I referred to Joshua’s brother, Perry. As a younger brother of an Earl, he should have been addressed as “Mr.”. But I had something else there. When I made the corrections, I accidentally left the word “The” in front of his name…..every single time. *groans*
5. The word “steamroller”
Yeah. Not used for 19th century England. *sigh*
6. Overuse of the word “Mare”
The Thesaurus was supremely unhelpful with this one. In a one page conversation I used the word “Mare” five times to describe the horse in question.
7. In the same conversation I overused the word “demon”.
*shakes head* Only three times, but it was a damn short conversation.
8. “Adrenaline”
I refer to this and it wasn’t discovered until 1900. Yep. Definitely suck at the research.
9. Tense issues
This was all throughout. When an editor has to add “had” a bunch of times…….
10. Use of BDSM terms
Questionable whether they were in use in the 19th century. Again, la sucketh at researcheth.
11. Use of the word “pants”.
So American.
12. Weird POV shift
Suddenly, I changed POV in the middle of a scene. Totally weird AND I missed it. Thought I was done with the head hopping but noooooooo. LOL!
13. Redundancies
My favorite? “round ball” Yep. I used it.

There. Go ahead and point and laugh. Once I’m done, it’ll all be a memory…..I hope. LOL!



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10 responses to “13 Errors I Made That Made Me Laugh

  1. I think we all make errors and miss them because we are so close to our work. Thank goodness for editor help.

  2. LOL! What Savannah said!


    My TT is at


    • Jen

      I know!!!! It’s one of the reasons I don’t go the self pubbed route. WAY too close to my stuff and I need an editor to distance me.

  3. Sue

    So maybe your character preferred being called The Mr?? I’d go with that. 😉 I missed an instance where a facial tic is referred to as a tick. It’s even still there…so my character has a blood sucking parasite on his lip 😉 At least these were caught! It’s all good,

  4. Jen

    LOL!!!! I had a few words I used incorrectly. Rebecca caught them and eradicated them.

  5. You’ve got big eggs for admitting those, luv! I love the Scottish/English thing. My funniest one for me was switching my MC’s eye color back and forth, and then back and forth, in six – 6! – pages. ~headdesk~

  6. I have that problem with my books too…. I’m just not a professional writer so I use my siblings that are good with grammar and try fixing it as best I can.. good luck with your books it sounds like a winner

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