As Promised, “Thirteen Reasons Revisions Are The Bane Of Our Existence”

AKA “Thirteen Reasons Why We Call Each Other When We Have Revisions” AKA another insane conversation (This time on Facebook) between Sofia Harper/Melissa Blue.
From Melissa 1. Because Jen calls me four times a day to whine about them even though all the calls before that was Where are my revisions?
2. Because I gladly talk to her for hours on end because I’m avoiding my revisions that I did not wish for in my inbox.
From Jen 3. Because it’s fun to fight over the word “sundries”.
4. Because everyone likes to feel like shit every now and again…..
From Melissa 5. Because while bitching about revisions I can say things like I’d give a back alley blow job for ______
‎6. Because we like to say More! for five minutes at each other just to see who becomes homicidal first.(Ok. Maybe this should be Why We Call Each Other While We Have Revisions Thursday 13. And, Jen, for the record, it’s ‘sundry’ (bwahahahahaha!))
From Jen. SUNDRIES! 7. Because Crown Royal needs money too.
8. Because Phillip Morris would go broke if I stopped smoking…..
‎9. Because discussing the latest blog drama is WAY more fun than doing revisions……
10. Because the Redneck likes to breathe.
From Melissa ‎11. Because, of course, why wouldn’t we WANT revisions. It’s all You’re wonderful. This is great and funny. Wait…
‎12. Because if we didn’t have revisions we might have no excuse for why our houses are dirty. Can’t. Have. That.
‎13. Because nothing says You’re Pretty like a release date and a cover reveal.



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8 responses to “As Promised, “Thirteen Reasons Revisions Are The Bane Of Our Existence”

  1. I think we all hate them. I’m doing edits and revisions as we speak and I would rather spend the time working on a new book…But after all the hard work the end product is so worth it.

  2. I keep dragging my feet on my revisions. I’m practically done. So, yes, it’s a consensus: we all hate ’em.

  3. LOL…love number thirteen!

  4. And some revisions are worse than others!

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