Thirteen Reasons To Use The Word “Parastorical”

And Sofia Harper thought I was kidding…..
This was part of a Twitter conversation and I thought it would be fun to share.

1. It Sounds Cool.
2. it totally avoids the word “historical” which would sic all those really intense historical fans on me.
3. It throws a little of the word “paranormal” in there without all the world building.
4. Squirrel
5. It maintains the prefix “para”
Which means “beyond” so it’s beyond a historical and therefore see #2
6.It removes the word “his” from “historical”
See number 2
7. The implication of door knobs is totally absent.
seriously. I know and author who researched door knobs for hours for a book. And then said so on Twitter. Boggled my mind. I suck at research.
8. It kind of sounds like Parahysterical
Which would be “beyond hysterical” and fit my stuff perfectly.
9, It’s easier to say than “BDSM Erotic Romance Paranormal Historcal
Which is what “Wolf Of Arundale Hall” is.
10. It’s shorter than “Paranormal”
11. I don’t think any books I write should have the word “normal” in them
Total false advertising. LOL!
12. Squirrel
13. It could start a new trend
It could happen!!!



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18 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Use The Word “Parastorical”

  1. I like the way #2 and #3 work together.

    • Jen

      Yes, they do. This conversation began because I really thought trying to describe “Wolf of Arundale Hall” was too difficult. LOL!

  2. Made me laugh this morning. 🙂 Hope your new Wolf of Arundale Hall book does well. I love shifter stories myself. 🙂

  3. Urm random but fun..

  4. You’re gonna have to explain the squirrel, which was way past the randomness of the rest of your list LOL

  5. Well, the backstory is that Jen is scared spitless that she didn’t do enough research for her historical. She stays up at night thinking “Why didn’t I spend more time researching how wine glasses were made in the 19th century.” She chain smokes while searching Wikipedia to find out if undies is ok to use or pantaloons. Or britches. It must be britches. Oh. No. Probably not. Puff. Puff. Puff.

    So, I said, why not create another buzz word for when your historical is found out for not being exactly historical. Kind of like mistorical, but speshal ’cause she’s speshal. (And I mean speshal in the nicest way possible. Swears. In the first week of meeting of her she gave me whiskey. She has a speshal place in my liver. Heart. I mean heart.) My argument being it has a werewolf in it. Not exactly historically accurate to begin with in the first place. Why the hell not create a word to excuse any flubs?

    She then said, “Parastorical!” Followed by, “Squirrel!”

    Hence, this random post is only slightly less random in this context. But, beyond that I’ve got no explanation. This is Jen, after all. She says ‘squirrel’ in the middle of conversations and Thursday 13s.

  6. Jen

    Was it whiskey? I thought it was cookies. Or a cigarette. I can’t remember. SQUIRREL.

  7. HA! It was whiskey. Crown Royal.

    As for your squirrel problem, nuts is the answer. *keeps face straight*

  8. Is this why you’ve never invited me to your blog, because if my behavior so far is any indication…I understand.

    • Jen

      Never invited you to my—Fine. *gets down on one knee* Oh Miss Harper, would you please visit my lil ole blog pleeeeeeease?

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