Thirteen Complete Surprises I’ve Had This Week

Almost all the surprises I’ve had were about season finales of the shows I watch. Some were good. Some? Not so much.
1. Fringe
OMG. I’ve only watched part one of the season finale and I’m not sure I want to watch part II. They SHOT ASTRID!!!!! I hate those stupid cliffhanger finales.
2. Survivor Episode 12
I was behind on my episodes, so I caught up and was STUNNED that the girls turned on one of their own before they voted off the final male left in the game. That said, kudos to the women for being the first season to have five women in the final five.
3. Survivor Season Finale
I was pretty surprised all around!!! This is the first time I liked ALL THREE of the finalists, even the one who manipulated the game from the beginning. It was actually a good season…once they got Colton off the show. You know they’re going to bring that bastard back. So not going to watch it when he’s back.
4. Castle
CASTLE! CASTLE! CASTLE! Season finale? Hot and absolutely STUNNING!!!! It’s the only season finale that didn’t piss me off. LOL!
5. The Redneck Didn’t Get Friday Off
And I’m packing everything for a Boy Scout Camporee this weekend. Um, yeah. Not so awesome.
6. My Kids Did A Commercial
We did a commercial at one of our local radio stations for a fundraiser we’re doing for Relay For Life. I wrote a script (I thought would suck. It worked! Surprise!) and it went great!
I think the only season that ended with more of a surprise was the one where the last scene was Ziva being blown up in a bar. That one pissed me off too.
I am SO PISSED about the season finale for this one. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was a TOTALLY SURPRISING cliffhanger, but DAMN it was so frustrating to be left hanging. The only thing I can think is that it’s a trick and we’ll find out that G really didn’t just shoot that bad guy in cold blood.
9. Two Months Free Overages
Verizon gave me a promotional that saved me from overages. It was a very NICE surprise
10. I Blew Up My Checking Account
Surprise! Ugh. LOL!
11. Once Upon A Time
This show really shocked me. First, they killed Henry. Then they brought him back. THEN they released a purple cloud. Um… me totally surprised.
12. Phone calls with My Best Friend
Michelle and I are so busy usually and we’ve had very little time to connect, but I got to talk to her twice this week which was AWESOME!!!!
13. Fundraiser Was Awesome
The Scouts had a fundraiser and I was pleasantly surprised at how much money we brought in!!! They did a great job.



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3 responses to “Thirteen Complete Surprises I’ve Had This Week

  1. Well, the only show we watch you had on your list is Castle, and we liked it. About time, they finally got Castle and Kate together!


    My TT is at

  2. I think you’re a little ahead of us with the TV shows. Henry is still alive šŸ™‚
    I’m not sure about this show. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

  3. I would have to agree with your assessments of the finales for Castle, NCIS and NCIS:LA. Ugh! Four months until we find out what happened!

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