Bundle of Romance Goodness

There’s not too many authors of non-erotic romance that are an auto buy for me, but one of them is Melissa Blue.  She is brilliant in my opinion.  Also, she’s my friggin’ hero because she’s tackled the one thing that scares the crap out of me:  Self-publishing.

So, she’s bundled two of her awesome books into a bundle.  TOTALLY worth the money.  Go check them out.

ImageSee Megan Run, Book 1:

Megan Hazely is back home after a twelve year self-induced exile. Aiden Blake, the boy she loved, has become a man. Time hasn’t lessened the spark between them. A spark that should have died the day she hitchhiked out of her small town to a new life and a successful business. Megan must deal with the troubles she left behind, and, somehow, leave again with her heart intact. 

See Lynne Chased:

Nathan Craine eats small businesses for breakfast. There’s one store he is dying to buy, but this time it’s for very personal reasons. He’s certain the owner will hand over the store; it’s only the matter of naming a price. To his surprise, Lynne Kelley refuses to sell, now or ever. 

For Lynne, this is more than a business–it’s a home. For Nate, it is a way to honor his father and right a past wrong. Both are determined to win, yet the more time they spend together, the deeper their attraction grows. In this battle, someone has to lose. And the cost of winning might be far more than either is willing to pay.

These are two fantastic stories.  GO BUY THEM HERE.



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  1. Thank you for the heads up…

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