Thirteen Random Thoughts

It’s been crazy here.  Don’t ask.  I thought I’d give you my usual randomness in random form.

1.  The NCIS/HAWAII FIVE O joint episodes were awful.

2.  I don’t understand the appeal of Five Hour Energy Drink

3.  I still think All State Mayhem commercials are hilarious.

4.  I wish I could get my Wolf of Arundale edits now.  

5.  The guy who plays Danny Williams on Hawaii Five O needs to learn what to do with his hands.

6.  Being sick is not fun.

7.  Trying to quit smoking again is not fun.

8.  Hanging out with my friend Kristin is fun.

9.  Honestly, my kids are really awesome.

10.  It is totally worth the money to have my French manicure.  Don’t judge me.

11.  I wish I could write faster.

12.  I think it’s going to rain today

13.  I’m totally less interesting than I thought I’d be, however, my brain is fuzzy from a virus so maybe you guys will forgive me.




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9 responses to “Thirteen Random Thoughts

  1. I missed the NCIS/H5-0. Don’t drink 5 hr energy stuff, or any other…Being sick sucks…Oh good luck with quitting smoking…
    You are forgiven..

    • Jen

      If I go by Yoda’s precept of “Try not. Do.” on the smoking thing….it’s a “not”. LOL! And thank you for forgiving me.

  2. Awe, being sick is no fun. Feel better!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I am totally scatterbrained lately. Running around in circles, and getting nothing accomplished. I was going to paint today, but the humidex is going to be 32 today… lol At least I have an excuse to procrastinate *wink Happy T13!

  4. Fun TT!

    Hope you feel better!


    My TT is at

  5. Danny Williams on Hawaii Five O drives my husband mad with his flapping hands!

  6. LOL We call our youngest “Mayhem” after going through 4 cars in a year.

    Feel better soon!

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