Whew!!! Did you miss me?

Happy Friday!!!
So, it’s been pretty insane around here. I know you are all shocked. I’ve been working away on the sequel to “Dark Revenge” and that’s been going pretty well when I get a chance to write. Lately, it’s been too busy to sit down and really bang out some word count.
I had a great week of vacation, cramming a lot of living into seven days. I came back to find out the District Assessment I thought was coming in two weeks was happening in two days. Yeah, call me thrilled. Plus, I had a big Scout thing on Tuesday night and was planning that last minute too. Um, yeah. I’m a little last minute.
My Big Boss wasn’t very happy with me. Just another indication that I’ve lived up to my mother’s low expectations. I think that’s the real problem I have with this job. All of the criticisms I get are in the voice of my mother. “You’re lazy. You’re sloppy. You’re doing it wrong.” Nothing like finding a job that reinforces old tapes. Yay me. That said, I’m no quitter, so I guess they’ll have to fire me.
I’ve been pretty mellow this morning, wanting to relax a little, and this song ended up in my head. It was on a compilation I bought in support of those who had been devastated by the Japanese earthquake last year. Sara Bareilles did a post on the project HERE. This is one of my favorites by Sarah Fimm from the compilation.

All the colors fade in time
It’s all gone black and white, oh no
It’s like the buildings are alive
And we are stuck inside their walls

Words won’t
Lend any comfort now
But I won’t let you dwell
In crumbs and broken shells
Light my sympathetic eyes
To make you realize

On this bridge we walk along
But we are not alone
No no no
It’s like the holy wars of time
Violently alive but always calling

Words won’t lend any comfort now
Cause you cannot climb out
Of crumbs and broken shells
Light my sympathetic eyes
To make me realize
You are beautiful inside.

Years of separating pain
Just to save yourself
The shame of trying
It’s like the circle is complete
But we are left repeating in the quiet

I’ll hold the ladder down
And I won’t let you drown
In crumbs and broken shells
Light my sympathetic eyes
To make you realize

Lend any comfort now
Cause I won’t let you dwell
In crumbs and broken shells
I can show you where to start
Send shock waves through your heart

So light my sympathetic eyes
You make me realize
I am beautiful Inside



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2 responses to “Whew!!! Did you miss me?

  1. Don’t let the morons get to you. This too shall pass, my friend. You are a wonderful person and NO ONE should tell you differently. (((((HUGE HUGS)))))

  2. Don’t let the job or people get to you. I agree with Toni’s comment. You are a wonderful and talented person who doesn’t deserve that kind of crap.

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