Thirteen Reasons I’ve Got A Bruise On My Forehead

*head desking*

1. The Redneck’s Kidney stone
We were driving to Crescent City for a wrestling tournament three weeks ago and the Redneck doubled over in pain. Five hours, an emergency room visit and some percocet later, he passed a kidney stone. Yee Haw.
2. The Finances
Nuff said?
3. The Redneck is working out of town
Eight hours south. Home every weekend. Gas is 4.50 a gallon. Ugh.
4. The Crossing Over Bridge
Long story, but let’s just say that trying to put on an Arrow of Light/Crossing Over Ceremony is like putting on a wedding. At the end of it, I collapsed and went brain dead. Apparently, it shorted my mind out permanently.
5. The District Awards Dinner
What started as just providing a location became setting up, bringing plates and silverware, and generally being there most of the day. How the hell did that happen?
6. The Evil Day Job
has not gotten any better and it’s Silly Season (an election year) so it’s even worse.
7. Phone issues
For some reason, no one can hear my loud, obnoxious voice when I’m on my cell phone. *grumbles*
8. The Water Heater
The pilot light wouldn’t stay lit. I discovered it was probably the thermocoupler, but the Redneck in a great show of faith in my abilities (*sarcasm*) insisted that I have a professional do it. $200 later…..At least I have hot water again.
9. The Attempt to Hack My Checking Account
Saturday morning, someone tried to use our debit card to steal money from our account. Our bank immediately caught it and froze our cards. They froze our cards. Five to seven days before we get another one. With the Redneck working out of town, not having a debit card SUCKS. Meanwhile, I’m finding out who takes checks.
10. Train Boy’s Arm
He’s injured it twice now in wrestling. What this does is create one of the whiniest, most indecisive boys I have ever seen! He doesn’t seem to know if he’s really hurting or not and tends to want the Redneck and I to decide for him. Like I know whether he’s in pain. *rolls eyes*.
11. The Trip Next Week
We’re going on an awesome trip next week, but the logistics are going to send me into a friggin’ nut house. And yes, it involves driving in San Francisco. *shudders*.
12. The Lizard
So, Demolition Boy lived up to his name yesterday and kicked a soccer ball IN THE HOUSE and into the alligator lizard’s cage. It shattered into pieces. Though the boys caught the lizard, they lost it and it is now living in my couch. New cage $100. (See #2).
13. My inability to juggle my names
So, there’s my pen name, my real name and then, I have separate email addresses and such for pages I maintain for Boy Scouts. Well, today, I went to a blog in my google reader and low and behold commented on politics….with my Boy Scout account. Now, while I’m sure no one who knows me in Boy Scouts would be surprised by the comment, I did use the word “bullshit” which isn’t exactly kosher as a Scout leader. So, in a panic, I emailed the moderator and hope the comment never makes it to the public forum. But I’ll bet the moderator will be amused. “Look at the good little den mother going off with a mouth like a sailor.” LOL! I’ve never been good a hiding who I am and what I do.

I keep asking Sofia Harper if she wants to switch lives, but she adamantly refuses.



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6 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I’ve Got A Bruise On My Forehead

  1. Sorry about everything going on. I hope things get better…

  2. Deep cleansing breaths…in through the nose…out through the mouth. Toss back a shot. Repeat until you forget why you’re doing this. 😉 if your phone starts working again, you have my number. (((((HUGE HUGS))))))

  3. Sorry your going through all of this all at once.

    “This too will pass.” is a quote that got me through a lot of hard times. In other-words, the bad times won’t last.


  4. Oh, my. What stories! Too fun. Hope you’re able to catch your alligator.

  5. Oh, dear. That definitely sounds like a bullshit week to me! 🙂

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