Thirteen Places I’ve Been And Would Love To Go Back

1. Crescent City, California
Luckily, my son has a wrestling tournament there this Saturday, so I do get to go back.
2. Fallon, Nevada
It’s where my best friend lives.
3. Billings, Montana
It’s where my mom grew up and we visited my grandparents there all my life until grandpa died and grandma moved in with my parents. Grandma is gone now, but I’d still like to go back to Billings.
4. Yellowstone Park
I love that place. It’s gorgeous.
5. The Grand Canyon
We visited there when I was a kid and I’d like to take my kids there.
6. Wallowa, Oregon
My ex-husband took me here. It was absolutely stunning and I’d like to go back.
7. Cody, Wyoming
Last time I was there was with my dad. The Buffalo Bill museum is there.
8. Fresno, California
Two of my writer friends are there and I’d really like to spend some time with them.
9. Coos Bay, Oregon
The Redneck and I went there a long time ago and I was REALLY pregnant. I’d like to go back to enjoy it. LOL!
10. The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, California
I went to the museum in 1977 when my grandma bought us tickets to see King Tut’s exhibit that was making its world tour then. I would love to go back and explore the museum.
11. Santa Fe, New Mexico
I’ve been through Santa Fe a couple of times, but I’d like to stop and really explore it.
12. Fort Bragg, California
The Redneck has had two bridge jobs in Fort Bragg and we’ve spent a lot of time there. I love it and would love to go back.
13. Monterey, California
We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium about ten years ago. The Redneck is working on a job down there now and we’re going to head down there to spend some time with him and explore the area. So, I get my wish. LOL!



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6 responses to “Thirteen Places I’ve Been And Would Love To Go Back

  1. Oh they sound like great places to see..I dream of getting to travel Europe one day.

  2. Out of all these places I’ve only ever visited the Grand Canyon. I’d love a chance to see more of the US, one day.

    Happy TT! πŸ™‚

  3. Great places! We’ve been to the Monterey Aquarium and it’s fantastic!


    My TT is at

  4. From your list, I think I’ve only been to the Grand Canyon, but I was really young and sleep-deprived, so I don’t even remember it. I’d like to visit it again!

  5. The only place on your list I’ve been to is Billings MT. I want to go back to San Antonio. I was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston.

  6. Sue

    Huh. Nothing that would bring you to my neck of the woods. You need to hit the midwest, girl. I’ll show you some sites. “Ovah heah is the larges’ ball of twine ah evah did see!” πŸ˜‰

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