Thirteen WIPS

Every once and a while I like to write up all my works in progress. Frankly, I don’t know if it makes me crazy or prolific, but here we go.

1. The Wolf of Arundale
This erotic historical paranormal romance is in with my editor at EC. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, so we’ll see what happens.
2. Weird Romantic Suspense Thingy
No title yet. Just when I thought I was done writing sensual, this one started eating my brain. Think “And Then There Were None” by Christie, “Death And The Dancing Footman” by Ngaio Marsh and “Wicked Uncle” by Wentworth. I had an idea and a reoccurring character that wouldn’t quit. Like some of Mr. Moto’s stories, the hero and heroine are…well…kind of incidental though the story is about them. I don’t know how else to explain it yet. Hence the title….LOL!
3. Dark Future
This is Jezar Ryser’s story. A secondary character from “Dark Revenge”, he’s been a bit difficult to pin down.
4. Dark Past
Bud Masterson’s story. Also a secondary character from “Dark Revenge”, he has a very interesting story and I hope I can pull it off. This will probably be the second book so that Jezar has time to percolate.
5. Commanded To Consent
Next book in the Command Series. Surprisingly, Ben Harmon has a tale to tell but he’s not as loud as the rest of them.
6. The Heart She Holds
Contemporary Fem Domme featuring Dominique. This one has been finished, rewritten and now needs more tweaking. Slated to go to Samhain if I ever get it done.
7. The Man She Masters
Contemporary Fem Domme featuring Chantal. This one has been giving me fits and I shelved it to let it sit for a while. Contemporaries are the bane of my existence! LOL!
8. Marked For Revenge
The next and possibly the final Marked book. This idea has been rolling around for a while, but I haven’t had a lot of the details yet. The characters are difficult to get into focus and I’ve left them alone for a while until they decide to behave.
9. A Time To Laugh
My futuristic time travel sensual romance. This book was so odd and pretty disjointed. Rejected by EC, I’m not sure where this one fits anyway. It’s a bit weird. LOL!
10. Commanded To Live
Matthew’s story. This one has been started, but hasn’t clarified itself yet. It’s an important transition for Asberek, so I want to get it right.
11. The Kink She Needs
Contemporary BDSM Male Dom/female sub. Not sure what the status on this one is. It stalled and needs reworking.
12. A Grain Of Sand
Erotic Sci Fi. I still have dreams about this one.
13. Sindar
Dormrelian character who predicts the future. His story involves a lot of stuff and will take a little work to complete.
There you go. Enough to keep me busy for a while. Of course, some of them will become part of the graveyard too. LOL!



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9 responses to “Thirteen WIPS

  1. My list is as long, but much of it has been waiting years for me to get back to it. Revision H*ll.

  2. Great list! I’d be embarrassed to list my WIP’s because they have weird lines like: She thought he was a male stripper, but he was really an undercover cop – now she has to work with him. LOL!

  3. Fun! I’ve got a WIPs folder, too!


    My TT is at

  4. You’re a busy girl! Don’t you dare let any of them rest in pieces. I can’t imagine any of your stories being left untold,

  5. LOL… it took me reading your post, and the 4 comments that followed it, to figure out what WIP’s meant….LOL I’m an idiot I know… LOL they all sound great….

  6. I’m impressed. I keep mine filed inside my head where they get lost!

  7. I have a bunch started and quite a few finished, but the titles. . .Oy. I can see you have trouble too.

    Good luck with polishing up your WIPs, by the sound of them they should be really good.


  8. Kate Willoughby

    Think they’ll let you keep “wolf” in the title? I thought that was one of EC’s taboo words for titles…

  9. I lost track of my list….Way too long…

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