A VERY cool Journal

Actually, I think I got this from Mima, another one of my favorite authors….but hell, who knows. But I’ll link to Mima anyway. I don’t journal much and this one was too pretty to selfishly not use. So, I’m hoping whoever wins this will use it or pay it forward.
You’ll note I figured out how to set the image correctly!!! LOL!!!!!
Comment with your email addy!



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6 responses to “A VERY cool Journal

  1. angel Graham

    I journal. I love journals. Oh, please…pick me for this one!

  2. Ooooh, me likey! I think you have my email.

  3. Tina Seitz

    Ohhh I love it.. I want it. I NEED it…..please pick me…..How is your morning going??? tinaseitz@yahoo.com

  4. Jen

    TONI SUE! You’re the WINNAH!!! I hope you iike.
    And Tina, I’m sorry I didn’t come back to comment. Ya know. I didn’t spend much time online yesterday. *big hugs*

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