Signed “Collide” CD

Collide has truly been inspirational, making playlist after playlist for my books. Something about their haunting vocals and driving sound depicts futuristic and dark for me. I can’t remember who pointed me in their direction. I thought someone on Romance Divas had linked me to them, but it could have been one of those YouTube meanderings for all I remember.
But “Two Headed Monster” was eventually featured on CSI and other shows, cementing their place in music.
“Counting To Zero” is their best so far, giving that ear candy I need to write my books. Maybe it can be a little sugar for you! Here’s “Mind Games” of the CD.

comment with your email addy to win this one!!



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4 responses to “Signed “Collide” CD

  1. angel Graham

    I love new music. *smiles* b25angel (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Tina Seitz

    I want this one…. I love it…. pick me pick me pick me!!!

  3. Ohh thank you for introducing me to some new music…

  4. Jen

    Congratulations, Savannah. Demolition Boy picked YOU!

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