Today’s Contest “And She Was” by Cindy Dyson

“And She Was” by Cindy Dyson
Sweeping across centuries and into the Aleutian Islands of Alaska’s Bering Sea, And She Was begins with a decision and a broken taboo when three starving Aleut mothers decide to take their fate into their own hands. Two hundred and fifty years later, by the time Brandy, a floundering, trashy, Latin-spewing cocktail waitress, steps ashore in the 1980s, Unalaska Island has absorbed their dark secret—a secret that is both salvation and shame.

In a tense interplay between past and present, And She Was explores Aleut history, mummies, conquest, survival, and the seamy side of the 1980s in a fishing boomtown at the edge of the world, where a lost woman struggles to understand the gray shades between heroism and evil, and between freedom and bondage.

When I was researching my “Men of Alaska” series, I wanted to read all about Alaska and a friend of mine gave me this as a gift. But Cindy Dyson’s book had already been on my radar, so I had a copy.
This extra copy is yours for the comment. Well, that and the random choice by one of the dirt faced okie boys. LOL!
Include your email address where I can contact you to get this great book.



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4 responses to “Today’s Contest “And She Was” by Cindy Dyson

  1. Tinaseitz

    To the Dirt faced okie boys……..Pick me pick me!!!…..LOL Good morning to all, once again this would be a new writer and a new read for me… I haven’t read much in the past 10 years or so… but if I remember correctly I do know how…..LOL………

  2. No pick me, I love Alaska and I love men. need more books too

  3. Jen

    Well, you guys made it easy! Eeny Meeny…..Tina you’re a winnah!!!

  4. Tina Seitz


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