Thirteen Things You Can Win With My Valentine’s Day Contest!

For the next 14 days, I’ll be giving away some gifts and on Valentine’s Day, you can win an ebook copy of “Dark Revenge”, my newest release from Ellora’s Cave.
***Please note*** International participants will receive ebook versions of all books offered (if available) or gift certificates for a ebook publisher/retailer of choice.
1. Today’s prize: Healing Garden’s Bath Set
Commenting today and I’ll send this to you. (Wednesday’s prize)
2. Blood Rights by Kristen Painter (Thursday’s prize)

Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a comarré — a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the mortal world…and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.

Now, Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, a chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will threaten to reign.
3. And She Was by Cindy Dyson
This book isn’t a romance, but was given to me as a gift…but I’d already bought my own copy!!! This seemed like a great opportunity to share this book. (Friday’s prize)
4. Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin
If you haven’t heard of this one, you REALLY need to check it out. It’s BRILLIANT. I totally didn’t realize I’d ordered this one already and ordered it again. LOL! But that means I have this one up for grabs.(Saturday’s prize)

5. The Dragon And The Pearl by Jeannie Lin
Another AWESOME book!!! Frankly, I almost don’t want to give my extra copies away, but I’d love to spread the love. Jeannie is worth buying again if my copies get worn. (Sunday’s book)
6. Vampire Trinity by Joey W. Hill
You all know my love for Joey W. Hill. This book is my favorite so far….and another one I bought an extra copy of by accident. Your gain. (Monday’s Prize)
7. ebook “A Shot In The Dark” by Christine D’Abo (Tuesday’s Prize)
8. “Mind Games” by Ciana Stone
This was an Ellora’s Cave book I got a long time ago (and an extra copy. I do that a lot. *shakes head) and it’s no longer available from EC or the author! I liked it very much and it was one of the books that cemented my love of futuristic adventurous romance. Unfortunately, this one won’t be available for my international friends BUT I’ll replace it with an EC gift certificate to get a ebook of your choice. (Wednesday’s prize)
9. Blood of the Rose by Kate Pearce (Thursday’s prize)

10. Mark of the Rose by Kate Pearce (Friday’s Prize)
11. Signed Collide “Counting To Zero” CD.
Yep. I did this twice too. For your benefit. I LOVE these guys!!! (Saturday’s Prize)
12. A Journal
This one is WAY COOL! (Sunday’s prize)

13. A T-Shirt for a Writer (Monday’s Prize)

And the extra one!!!
14. Kama Sutra Weekender Kit from Red Envelope

To accompany this gift, today is the day I’ll give away an ebook copy of “Dark Revenge”. (Tuesday February 14th)

See you guys for the next two weeks!!! Don’t miss out.
EDITED TO ADD: One commenter from February 1st and one from February 2 will be chosen for the first two prizes. Comment away!!!



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22 responses to “Thirteen Things You Can Win With My Valentine’s Day Contest!

  1. Joanne B

    That’s so nice of you to give away something for the next fourteen days. Today’s prize is great. Who can’t use a nice bath set? Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Tina Seitz

    OHHH I am so excited…. I can’t wait, they all seem like great items…..13 days and counting…….

  3. This is one of my favorite 13 things ever! : ) Shawna thomas 5 at att dot net.
    PS You can send me an email even if I don’t win. : ) I MISS you!

  4. kristal wilson

    I love the opportunity to win a copies of books that are your fav’s. Always the best type of recommendation. thx

  5. OMG You!!! Thank you for including me in your contest. HUGS!!

    And I need to get the T-shirt you’re giving away on the 13th. Need. It.

  6. What a fun contest. Some lucky people are going to have an awesome Valentine’s month.

  7. Jen

    Demolition Boy picked the winnah!!! Christine D’Abo, you’ve won the Bath set. But now, the next comments can win Kristin Painter’s “Blood Rights”. Comment now and win that book. And yes, if you’ve commented already, you can do it again.

  8. Now *this* is a unique approach to a T13!

    And it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only person who buys multiple copies of books. Sometimes I give them to friends – but what a great idea to offer them as prizes!

    Happy TT!

  9. Tina Seitz

    I have not had the pleasure of reading any of Kristin Painter’s books. but by the little teaser it seems like an interesting read…..And the double book thing used to happen to me to all the time….(when I was younger) i would buy one and my mom not knowing I already bought it would buy it for me…LOL HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY!!!

  10. Joanne B

    I’ve never read anything by Kristen Painter. Blood Rights sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.


  11. Looks like some great prizes. Happy Thursday!

  12. Great giveaway!

    So all we have to do is come and comment?

  13. You are awesome…. 13 days. WOW.


  14. This is an awesome list of prizes!

  15. What awesome prizes! That’s so nice of you!

  16. Shelly corwin

    This is so sweet to give out prizes like this. Just amazing! Hope you have a great two weeks and have fun with this. God bless!

  17. Jen

    The winner is MAMMA ZEN!!! Demolition boy picked you.

  18. So many goodies….How cool, and congrats to the winner…

  19. Shelly corwin

    So nice! Congrats to the winners and god bless!

  20. Shelly corwin

    Please pick me! I need a good book to read! 🙂