Thirteen Highlights from 2011

1. Japan Earthquake
2. The Tsunami in Humboldt and Del Norte counties

When this happened, I was told to stay home, couldn’t drive to work because the water surged over Highway 101. It was scary since we weren’t sure how bad it all was.
3. Fukishima
Immediately following the Tsunami disaster that caused millions of dollars in damage, we here on the West Coast watched in horror as Japan’s nuclear plants melted down. News on this has been almost impossible to find. Lots of my friends were freaked out, but what could we do? I’m convinced the weird dry winter we’re having is because of this event.
4. The Libyan Rebellion
I’m sure more and more will be revealed about this event, but I watched it spellbound.
5. Tornadoes
Things were so crazy this year that this disaster barely made an impression on me. But I’m sure those effected tell a different tale. On top of a failing economy, this was horrific.
6. The Royal Wedding
The marriage of Prince William and Kate didn’t matter much to me, but I do know a lot of people tweeted about it and followed it. It was a highlight AND they saturated the networks with info about it when Fukishima was at its worst.
7. Osama Bin Laden is killed
Frankly, this seemed anti-climatic, but it was still a big event.
8. The Death of Gary Moore
You may not have heard of him and there are many who passed away who are more famous, but he was, IMHO, a talented guitarist and I will miss him.

9. The Death of Elizabeth Taylor
10. The Crash of Dan Wheldon
11. The Death of Kim Jong II
12. The attempted assassination of Gabrielle Gifford
I put this much later on my list, not because I didn’t think it was important, but because I think Ms. Giffords recovery was more important than her killer’s crime. She is a fighter and that is a human trait I respect.
13. End of the War in Iraq
Regardless of any opinions we all may have about this war, its declared ending is a huge moment and made the list for me.

There were so many other things that happened–an earthquake in New Zealand, flooding in Brazil, flooding in the Phillipins, bombings in Somalia, financial collapses in Europe and it’s tough to pick the things that seemed to rise above it all.
Ultimately, I’m kind of glad to see 2011 heading out the door. I look forward to a New Year.



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5 responses to “Thirteen Highlights from 2011

  1. In a way, it’s hard to pin down just 13 events of significance from a given year. Most of these, though, will certainly go down in the history books. Here’s hoping we have the sense to learn from them.

    Happy TT, and a Happy New Year to you.

  2. This is indeed a really hard list to make. There were so many major events this year.

  3. This year has been a rough one. I’m hoping next year will be a much better one.

  4. Xakara

    Here’s hoping that the new year is one of building and creating, we had enough destruction and conflict in 2011 to last a few years.

    A better year to all of us!

    Year in Review

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