Thirteen Christmas Traditions at Our House

The Redneck and I will have been married for twelve years next month. We’ve spent 13 Christmas’s together and here’s some of the traditions we keep.

1. Cutting The Christmas Tree

For us, Christmas trees grow in Six Rivers National forest. We pay a $10 permit fee and burn some gas looking for the right tree. I’m usually along for the ride since the Redneck is VERY picky about his trees. LOL!
2. The Christmas Village
I started the Christmas village when I was very young and with my first husband. A friend of mine gave me my first house and I began to collect one every year. This year, Demolition Boy bought me some figures from “A Christmas Story”.

3. The Creche Scene
The best Christmas present The Redneck gave me one year was a beautiful Creche scene that has become a favorite tradition in our house.
4. Christmas Cookie Weekend
For years, my best friend Michelle and I would set aside one weekend where we cooked up a storm and made cookies for all the people we love. The last couple of years have been tough since Michelle is in Nevada, but I’m still carrying on the tradition.
5. Lex Valentine’s 30 Days of Christmas This is a new tradition for me. Lex has done this for a few years, offering free ebooks (including mine) and giving presents to readers. I love it.
6. Caroling
Every year, our family has done some kind of caroling. The last four years was at Sequoia Springs, an assisted living place here. This year, we went to St. Luke’s Nursing Home. It was awesome.
7. Christmas Carol Lane
Humboldt County has a few traditions too. One of them is some Christmas decorations that have gone up for over forty years. Every year our family drives to Eureka and checks out McKlasky Ave, a little byway out in the suburbs who has wooden cut outs that have been around forever.
8. “A Christmas Story”
Of all the movies we watch during the holidays, we watch this one the most. This year we went and saw the play.
9. Decorating the Tree
We usually do this around the first week of Christmas. Since we get our tree out in the hills, we often have to cut it down and such to fit it in the living room. Then, we pull out the family ornaments, turn on “A Christmas Story” and decorate.

10. The Christmas Eve Get Together
We get together with the Redneck’s extended family–Grandma Go Go, Grandma Mck, Aunt Diane and Uncle Frank, Aunt Tahnia and Uncle Sean, all the kids and tons of other people. It’s a blast, believe it or not.
11. The Carpenter’s Christmas
I play this CD all season long.
12. Putting out the stuffed animals for a Christmas party with Santa
Every year we set up a little table with all the kid’s stuffed animals on Christmas Eve. We put a little honey on their mouths and cookie crumbs. The next morning, the milk and cookies are gone, the stuffed animals have crumbs all over their faces and we tell our kids they had a great party with Santa. The kids, even though this year they KNOW there’s no Santa, put out the animals, talk about doing it, share in the excitement. I can’t tell you how much fun this was to do when they were little.
13. Prime Rib
Instead of turkey and ham, we’ve started doing Prime Rib for Christmas dinner. Yum, yum! Red potatoes, green salad and apple pie just top it all off

I’m laughing because RIGHT NOW at 7am, my two boys 10 and 11 have decided to write a letter to Santa. LOL!
What’s YOUR favorite Christmas tradition?



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7 responses to “Thirteen Christmas Traditions at Our House

  1. Fun! We love tracking Santa on NORAD and watching the Mickey’s Christmas Parade!


    My TT is at

  2. What a great set of traditions. Well, I’m not willing to give up my turkey, but I always wanted a village.

  3. What a bunch of great traditions. I really enjoyed this post. Love your blog title, too!

  4. Tina Seitz

    We havent really started any traditions yet. We celebrate my step sons birthday Christmas eve and Christmas Day’s activities depend on if we have to work or not…. 😦

  5. Your traditions sound like so much fun! We just eat ourselves sick, basically – it’s impossible not to when Popsi is in charge of the meal – and on Christmas Day we have a walk around town to enjoy the lights. Nothing extravagant, but it’s a pretty understated holiday, here.

    Happy TT – and Buon Natale! 🙂

  6. You have some lovely traditions. I have to admit I’m a bit bah-humbug about the whole Christmas thing, but I enjoyed learning about yours. Enjoy!

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