Thirteen Things I DON’T Do Around The Holidays

The holidays stress me out. I’m not good with money and Christmas just emphasizes it. LOL! Family, company parties, housecleaning are all intense. So, here’s some things I DON’T do during the holidays.

1. Post on my blog as much.
I’ve actually written two or three blog posts…..and deleted them. I find my emotional stability is a little off kilter at this time of year. I take that into consideration before I subject you all to my insanity hit “publish”.
2. Sleep
I’ve noticed that I’m not sleeping as well as I usually do. Stress, lots of stuff to do and more stress make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep.
3. Go To Walmart in December
Or a least I try not to. That place gets me for WAY too much money and too many impulse buys.
4. Expect too much from others.
Most people get crazy this time of year and expecting them to be the way they normally are is…well…crazy. LOL!
5. Let other people’s Grinchness get me down
I love Christmas, but not everyone does. I don’t let that stop me, though I try to have compassion for the Christmas Dysfunctional.
6. Have long conversations with my mother
This time of year I’m more sensitive, less objective. Discussion with my mother about religion, my children or money will totally mess with me.
7. Read
I seem to have less time to read around this time of year than most.
8. Write
Every holiday season, I have these awesome writing projects (last year I even did NaNo!!!) and every year I have to set them aside until the new year. There just isn’t enough time to get it done.
9. Drink at the Company Christmas party
This was the first year we’d been to the Company Christmas party and I was astounded at how the other guy’s wives got smashed. I mean, it was a college coed’s dream–hot chicks drunk off their asses. I have to think there would be some party regret the next day. I laid off the booze, not wanting to embarrass the Redneck. But he dragged me out on the dance floor, so I ended up doing that anyway. (Can I admit to you that I LAUGHED when he first started dancing, convinced he was joking about the way he was dancing. But no. He really dances that way. I know. I’m a horrible wife.)
10. Watch sad movies
I prefer funny, heartwarming stuff. Of course you can’t avoid some commercials and I cry anyway….
11. Overplan
Flexibility is a must!
12. Run out of coffee
That’s a serious offense anyway, but this time of year it’s deadly… my family. LOL!
13. Take things too personally
It’s easy to get offended this time of year. It’s better to let those things pass on by. I just remember that if I have a list of “don’ts” this time of year, so do other people. And judging by the Walmart disaster I had last weekend, I’d say everyone else probably has a tough time following their own “don’ts” as I do.



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9 responses to “Thirteen Things I DON’T Do Around The Holidays

  1. You are remarkably level headed.

  2. You know that “f” is going to be at the end of your name until you change it on the comment form. Nothing I can do about it.

  3. Happy holidays! I wish you nothing but enjoyment.

  4. I have a list of things not to do at this time of year, and “Not let my inner Grinch out” is one of ’em. LOL! I guess that means we could hang a bit if necessary.

    But there had better be coffee. šŸ˜‰

    Happy TT!

  5. We haven’t had snow yet this year and it looks like we won ‘t have any for Christmas! That’s wrong! That’s SO WRONG for North Dakota!!!

    Personally, I avoid any kind of parking lot. People are nuts while shopping for Christmas.

  6. Admin

    Good list kiddo! I am one who doesn’t do Christmas well, so I try to keep to myself. I think not taking oneself too seriously at any time is good, but especially this time of the year. You’re right, it’s easy to get offended because everyone is extra stressed for so many reasons. Oh, and this is angel (it calls me admin, because that’s how it’s set on my blog.)

  7. Here’s wishing you sleep and calm and time and peace, for the holidays!



  8. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of Christmas. Old history šŸ˜¦
    Here’s hoping that cruise through the holiday season!

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