It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Unless You’re On A Diet Or Your House Looks Like An Episode Of Hoarders Just Sayin’

To The Holidays
You’re not going to break me. LOL! So far, I’ve got my house on the run and dinner planned. All win, baby. I should have taken before and after pictures for bragging rights. Hoarders house to….well….Redneck Rustic?
Just sayin’
To Joey W. Hill
Waiting, waiting, waiting until December 6th for “Bound By The Vampire Queen”. Do you know what I’m doing? I’m rereading “Vampire Trinity” over and over again. And I don’t even LIKE vampire books. I’m REALLY impatient for Ben’s story from the Knights of the Boardroom series. I hate waiting.
To Weight Watchers
This sucks. I’m gaining. Can’t I have just a LITTLE bad stuff without gaining? It is just not right. *grumbles*
Just sayin’


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