Thirteen Things About The Dirt Faced Okie Boys

Tuesday was Demolition Boy’s tenth birthday and tomorrow Train Boy will be eleven. Here’s a few things about them. Happy Birthday boys.
1. They’re 362 days apart.
For three days, they’re the same age.
2. Train Boy made the A honor roll and Demolition Boy made the B honor roll.
They’re both pretty darn smart.
3. Train Boy loves historical fiction
Especial American History.
4. Demolition Boy loves Action Adventure
We’re reading “Lord of the Rings” right now.
5. Train Boy is very, very serious.
He doesn’t let his goofy side out much.
6. Demolition Boy is totally goofy.
7. Train Boy is very into trains
Hence the name. He started with Thomas The Tank Engine and now he’s a member of the model railroader’s club in Ferndale.
8. Demolition Boy is into archery
He’s got a killer bow and plans to get his hunting license next season.
9. Train Boy loves Football
GO HUSKIES! He plays offensive and defensive line. He rocks at it.
10. Demolition Boy loves soccer
First time I’d ever seen that kids focused entirely on anything.
11. Train Boy wrestles
first year last year. He did okay. I’m hoping this year goes better.
12. Demolition Boy plays video games
He’s good at them.
13. The Dirt-faced okie boys both love Boy Scouts
Though for entirely different reasons.

Happy birthday, you little stinkers.



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10 responses to “Thirteen Things About The Dirt Faced Okie Boys

  1. How sweet! I love that you’ve posted like this about your boys.

    Happy TT!

  2. Admin

    Happy Birthday Boy’s!

    What a great post. Love that pic also!

  3. You really did have them close together. I keep forgetting that.

  4. Jen, they sound like great kids, and it’s good that they have so many varied interests. I swear my nieces and nephews seem to spend all their time playing Play Station.

  5. That proves that you can have two kids with totally different personalities but that’s okay, you love them for their uniqueness.

  6. Happy Birthdays to your boys! And congrats to you for raising them up! I’m pretty sure it hasn’t all been easy. Hugs!

  7. What an interesting balance! They sound like great kids, and a handful all at once *grin*

    Happy Birthday to both of them 🙂

    Happy T13,

    13 Wishes

  8. What a delightful pair to know a bit about. They sound like a real blessing. Thanks for sharing and Happy TT!

  9. happy happppy birthday to the boys from the east coast…

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