Happy Birthday Demolition Boy

Today is Demolition Boy’s Birthday and he’s TEN!!!! It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly.
The story behind DB’s birth has always been a favorite of mine to tell since it’s a definite sign to me that some things are just meant to be.
Ten years ago in February 2001, Train Boy was only three months old and I had to have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that had gotten a little crazy. The surgery went fine, but I was sans one ovary and about five pounds of cyst that apparently set some kind of local record. Given that I hadn’t felt great for three months because of it, when the Redneck and I got home from the hospital, we “celebrated”. Hey! Nothing in my post op instructions said “No sex”. Probably, it never occurred to my doctor or the nursing staff that two people would be that…impulsive.
They didn’t know us.
My follow up appointment a week later put me on birth control and rest. A week after that, the Redneck hurt his back and was down, flat on his belly, for four months.
Nine weeks after I’d come home from the hospital, I was sick a lot. I thought it was stress. I was about to go back to work out of desperation since the Redneck’s situation was looking pretty dire and we were forced to go on food stamps and WIC (thank God for WIC) to survive. The Redneck convinced me to take a pregnancy test to rule out that possibility before going to the doctor (an expense we couldn’t afford). So, I did, completely convinced I couldn’t be pregnant.
And yet, I was!
Nine weeks pregnant.
Let me tell you what Demolition Boy had to overcome to be conceived. I only had one ovary. I had just gotten out of surgery. I had just had a baby three months earlier. And it was a one shot deal since infrequency was our new standard at that time.
I cried.
The Redneck sat up, causing himself huge pain, to put his arm around me and say “Oh honey. In the words of Mike Tyson “We ecstatic.”
Three months of the Redneck’s disability, worry that he’d never work again, and finally, his required traveling for his job when he did go back to work all punctuated Demolition Boy’s growth and his birth. When he was born at Mad River Hospital, the Redneck had to race from Napa, California (about five hours south) to get to the birth in time. But that kid was an easy birth with no complications.
Now, he’s ten.
He makes me laugh. He drives me nuts. He’s messy, adorable and cuter than anything. And cute saves him from being killed! LOL!
Anyway, happy birthday to a kid who beat a ton of odds to be born.


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