Thirteen Reasons To Buy “Marked For Danger”

*WARNING* The Excerpt below contains explicit sexual content.
Brought to you by (again)
My Marked series has its next one out. Number 3 and it’s a surprise!!!
1. The AWESOME cover by Christine Griffith

2. You can find out about Carina Tao
If you’ve read the first two, you know that Leo’s mate who was killed had a sister. Carina was the girl next door until she became a Brotherhood assassin to avenge her sister. This is her story and how she finally gets the bad boy she always wanted.
3. Meeting Xandros Jasper
Here’s a guy who really goes through the ringer. It took a long time to realize WHY he is the way he is. But once it was clear, I loved him even more.
4. More Leo Eyler
The enigmatic dom with a lot of his own baggage still rules the proverbial roost. He and Princess Sera continue to work toward the destruction of the Blueshift Brotherhood.
5. Princess Sera is a lot happier
LOL! I know in her story, she felt trapped and hopeless. Life with Leo has really helped her. She’s a lot better to deal with in this story.
6. There’s a fivesome
Really. It was tough to write, but it’s there.
7. More Shaun
Rescued from the Brotherhood by Leo and Sera, Shaun has struggled with his place in their world. Since “Marked for Danger” isn’t his story, he still does. But his happy ending will come. I promise.
8. Magic Woo Hoo
Prophecies, Magic, spells, the whole nine yards baby.
9. And yes, it’s HOT
Um, fivesome. I said that, right? LOL!
10. It’s a great way to get set up for the NEXT book
Which is a prequel to “Marked For Pleasure”. Carina is in that one too. It comes out December 20th for Christmas.
11. It’s got action, amnesia, pirates, strange animals….
I love sci fi
12. Did I mention it was hot?
Smokin’ baby.
13 How about a taste?
“Let me go.”

“Afraid I’ll kiss you again?” He didn’t slow down, but his hand tightened on her arm.

Panic drove her insane, and she lashed out, all her training rising to assist her. But he countered every move. Though she forced him to release her arm, he trapped her against the building. His hands gripped her wrists, and he pressed his body against hers, his breath hot on her cheeks.

“Fuck you.” She struggled to free herself and only succeeded in arousing her body. She’d heard rumors that the mate mark, even incomplete, changed a person’s chemistry. It led the two Nyrals to want each other desperately. Proximity made it worse. She had to get away from him.

He pinned her wrists with one large fist as his other hand ripped away her wig. “Oh, I intend to.”

Stunned, she froze and stared into his face. Did he mean that? So cold, so impersonal? He’d just insert tab A into slot B and call it fucking? “I didn’t think rape was in your line.”

His lips thinned, and his eyes narrowed. “You want me. You wanted me before I partially marked you.” He pressed his lips against the red marks on her inner arm. She longed for her coat, discarded in the alley, to protect her from his erotic touch. His voice was low and gritty. “Completely unintentional but not regretted.”

“Get. Off. Me.” She heaved and tensed, trying to free herself.

He pressed his lips to her ear and said in a sexy whisper, “Let me give you what you’ve always wanted.”
Tears gathered in her eyes, and she was terrified they’d fall. When he bent his head to slide his tongue along the burned flesh of her arm, she shuddered. Her nipples hardened, and she gritted her teeth, trying to resist the intense pleasure of his mouth on that mark. His hips pressed into hers, his cock hard against her clit.

Suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted, what she’d wanted since she was sixteen. This might be the only time she’d be able to have Xandros. It would never happen again, and she was probably going to be killed. Why not give into the temptation she’d felt the first time he’d touched her on Shanie’s porch?

Deliberately, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pressing her hips against his. His head jerked up, and he met her gaze. For a breathless moment, they were both still. A dull throb of the machinery’s repetitive sounds vibrated the wall.

Xandros didn’t rush, even though he had her permission. His hands still gripped her wrists, and he nudged her head aside so he could bite her neck with an erotic sting. She whimpered and trembled, wondering if she could remain still beneath his touch.

Slowly, he released her wrists, but when she started to move, he put them back over her head. His stern gaze told her to leave them there without his restraint. With firm insistence, he pressed down on her thighs, a silent order that she followed, instantly lowering her legs until her toes touched the concrete. She shuddered as their bodies met chest to chest and their breaths mingled. For a full minute, he stared into her face, both of them still.

He ripped open his pants and undid hers, sliding them down her thighs, slowly, inexorably. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed her flesh so hard she knew there’d be marks there. When he lifted her legs, guiding them back around his waist, she had a moment of anxiety, but then his lips pounded hers, and she was lost in sensation. His tongue plundered her mouth, demanding, seeking.

With one twist, he thrust his cock deep inside her, her back scraping the wall from the force. He growled against her lips, his frantic movements revealing how much he wanted her. She couldn’t help it. Her hands twined in his hair, pressing him closer, reveling in his desire.

The consequences were huge, but she didn’t stop. She sought some sense of connection, something she hoped for, longed for in those lonely nights she’d spent numb and aching. With desperate hands, she reached for it, wanting something more than life had given her thus far.

When she orgasmed, she shattered, the overwhelming thought only of him, his touch, his body. The consequences didn’t even register, didn’t matter. There, in that dark alley, she gave something she’d resisted ever since her sister’s murder and the beginning of her undercover work in the Brotherhood.

Her heart.



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7 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Buy “Marked For Danger”

  1. It sounds amazing, Jen, and I LOVE that cover too! I wish you a ton of sales! Happy Thursday!

  2. Ahhh… Magic Woo Hoo. Who can resist that, dear? 😉

    Happy TT!

  3. Wow, hot and romantic. I love your writing.

  4. action, amnesia, pirates, strange animals….

    Sounds good to me! Congrats on your new release, Jen.

  5. Sounds great! Love the cover!


    My TT is at

  6. Xakara

    These are definitely great reasons to buy and it’s on my TBB list as we speak! 🙂

    Happy T13,

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