If Mama Ain’t Happy Just Sayin’

To You Know Who (Well you probably don’t. You’re kind of thick headed that way.)
It’s amazing. You are so self-righteous, so COMPLETELY self-involved. I’m going to say it. No one will agree with me, but I’m going to say it. You aren’t “nice”. Everyone thinks you are. But you’re not. The particular incident in question only reminded me why I don’t hang out with you anymore. It reminded me that you tend to lead with your “bitch” even though most people don’t see it. I don’t like passive aggressive people and that whole thing just REEKED of your shit. It did. Granted, you may have had a point, but you’re perfectly willing to let other people who say WORSE slide, but you attack someone (I think) because you have personal issues. I repeat. You’re not “nice”. Stop playing the victim.
Just sayin’
To My Editors
I do love you. Honestly. But….ARRRRRRRRRRRRGh!!!!! Edits SUCK. (This message brought to you by I’VE-BEEN-DOING-EDITS-SINCE-SEPTEMBER-JUST-SHOOT-ME.com)
Just sayin’
To Joshua
I’ve sent you to my EC editor. Please don’t embarrass me. Please don’t change your story somehow and decide to boink everything in sight. I know you can’t help it, but try. For my sake.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
I’m not going to get specific, but I AM going to say that I’m not Italian and you need to remember that. Okay, Guido?
Just Sayin’
To My Poor Readers
I swear I did NOT plan four book releases in two months. I swear. There’s no way I’m that insane. Why are you laughing?
Just sayin’
To Halloween
Fuck off. I don’t like you with your mini candy bars that fuck with my diet and your stupid costume conundrums. I don’t like horror movies or being scared or any of that shit. The ONLY good thing about this day is that it’s LEX VALENTINE’S birthday. That’s it.
Just Sayin’



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3 responses to “If Mama Ain’t Happy Just Sayin’

  1. Sue

    I feel your pain on the editing hell. I’m really surprised that my editor hasn’t threatened my life…yet. šŸ˜‰

  2. Jen

    Mine gave me a DEADLINE!!! I’ve never had that before. Or I should say I never paid attention if I did.
    I’ve just rewrote, edited and corrected this comment. *whimpers* Someone save me!!!!

  3. April Morelock

    There is a hell… all those who F*&^ with you will find it one day. Of course, you’re now in the middle of edit hell sooooo… oh… ooppss.. I’m supposed to be supporting you. Ahem… let me amend. All those who mess with you will have to come through me from now on — I will ensure that THEY receive their just rewards .. evil laugh ensues.

    Hope November is better!!!

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