It’s Been A Looooong Fall Season Just Sayin’

To My Boss
Suck it. Really. You’re going to tell me who to call when I have a question? Really? This is me flipping you off. I’m not happy about being micromanaged when you feel like it.
Just sayin’
To the Cub Scout Bitch in Question I’ve added a different female person to the Cub Scout Bitch club (of which I can be a full fledged member some days). So, here’s to you. You don’t like me? Fine. You don’t like the way we run things? Fine. But I’d expect, nay demand, that your kid isn’t an asshole to me. I didn’t let my kids display any rudeness to the other Cub Scout bitch who drove us all crazy. I’m not going to take it from your kids. I’m done. I tried everything. Not only did you NOT participate in all the things we did in the last year, you actually joined a bunch of shit that was similar and kept you way busy. I guess you are way more important than your kid. But then, I always thought you and your husband were selfish assholes. I just hoped I was wrong. And I’m willing to admit I still might be, but nothing has shown me different and your kids is a little prick to me. I don’t expect gushing love or anything. Just acknowledgment that I belong to the human race would be nice.
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
I’m still pissed.
Just sayin’
To The Haters
I’m totally appalled at the vitriol spewed by so many supposed “Christians” on the YouTube video for Jamie Rodemyer. No, I’m not linking it. It’s awful. Only go there if you want to get pissed off. You haters are so amazing in your gall. A kid is dead and he represents “different”. He represents something many don’t understand. Maybe it wasn’t heroic to take his own life in the face of his struggle, but that’s NOT FOR US TO JUDGE. Why can’t we mourn the loss of a life to something that is so preventable? Saying he’s burning in hell isn’t stating God’s law. It’s parroting the same tired crap that caused God to send Jesus in the first place. Who is my neighbor? Did Jesus use a common Jewish man to make that point? No. He used a Samaritan, a man rejected by the established religious group of the time. That man was a neighbor. Where is the compassion? Where is the heart of God in the judgment of religion? You know, I don’t like religion and I don’t worship in a house of God because there’s “religious” people there. I feel more spiritual connection to God in an Al-Anon meeting than I do in most churches. And I think that’s sad. It’s never the place or God or any of that running me off. It’s the people who judge, who insist that “God is ____”. Please, religious people, stop hating. (Not that religious people are the only haters, but I’m talking to them.)
It should be easy to stop hating. If you’re truly God’s child. How do you have time to hate on a dead kid when your own sin probably needs some time? I sure don’t have any extra to spare.
Just sayin’


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  1. I really really love you, gal! You GO!

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