Kim Knox’s “Current”

Erotic Science Fiction Romance isn’t just my favorite genre to write in, it’s my favorite to read too. Lucky for me I know a few authors who write perfect stuff for me.
Kim Knox has a series I’ve been eating up called “Planetary Bodies”. In everyone of the stories, different characters are all hit with an event called sheen. It creates a connection between two people.
The newest offering in this series, “Current”, is her best so far.
Rich and in control, Alexandra Syato isn’t about to let anyone get in her way. Every name has a compartment, every item has a price. Even her “relationship” with Captain Rhearden Lawe is categorized, filed and put away in her mind. He’s just a “friend with benefits”, easy to cut loose and certainly not up to her standard of living. She isn’t tied to anyone or anything and likes it that way.
Funny, though, when someone implies that Lawe fucks her for her money, she’s pissed by it. Early in the story, it’s clear that Alexandra is trying very hard to convince herself that she doesn’t care, doesn’t want Lawe in any other way than they way they’ve been for months.
But sheen messes with everything. Lawe arranges to be right where they’ve always met and fucked when sheen hits them both, but he isn’t the man she has always been with. This man won’t let her be in control, won’t let her have the man he had always been for her. Yet, even though he’s acting like a stranger, she wants him.
What I love about Kim Knox’s writing is the visceral response I had to Alexandra’s agony when Lawe is a bitter stranger, willing to fuck her for a price. Even though she is the one who has diminished their connection, when he turns into a man willing to sell his dick for money, I could feel her hurt, her desperation to go back to the way things had been.
Lawe isn’t being an asshole because he’s an asshole and by the end of the story, the happy ending is beautifully done. It’s not one of those stories where I thought “Jeez. Can’t she kick him in the nuts for being such a jerk?” No. Everything that happens in this story is totally real and amazing.
I love Kim Knox and this series is a perfect way to inspire me, pull me into another world and it’s hot besides. It’s a Quickie, so it was a great way to kick off my morning. Let me just say that it makes me want to go back and read “Magnetism” and “Friction” again, just to stay in Kim Knox’s world.
Buy “CURRENT” here.
And October 26th, go out and get “ENERGY”, her next book in the series. I can’t WAIT!!!!!


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