Check out this book Just Sayin’

Angel Graham has a book out in a genre you don’t see enough of. F/F is hard to find and good F/F is even more difficult. This one adds one of my favorite genres BDSM romance. Check it out!

Second Chance at Love is officially released today, October 1, 2011. You can find your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for only $0.99. For your convenience, several formats are available at Smashwords.

Here’s an excerpt for you, until you buy your own copy:

“Dana, have you—” Alex began.

“I feel like—” Dana fell silent and with a small smile nodded for Alex to continue.

This time when they interrupted one another, there was no awkward moment. There was still a moment’s nervousness that disappeared when they both reached toward the salt. Their hands touched briefly and they allowed it to continue for a moment more.

“Dana, have you figured out just what it is that you want? What is it that you need?” the dark-haired woman asked in a tender voice, withdrawing her hand from the salt shaker first.

Dana thought for a moment, salting her food as she did, then set the shaker down in front of Alex. ”I feel like I don’t know what to think. I know that I want someone who wants me. I want to explore with that person, this world of domination and submission. I need to know that it will be safe. I need to know that I’ll be safe.”

There was a faraway look in her eye at that moment and pain filled them for just an instance. Dana was remembering the last time she had loved someone, only to be hurt by the abusiveness. Verbal and physical assaults had been common place for her, and she still carried the scars, both inside and out. She never wanted to experience that again. No matter how much she might love the person. A tear began to roll slowly down her cheek and she winced at her memories. Reaching her hand up, she brushed it away.

Alex watched as Dana brushed a single tear from her cheek. She found herself remembering pain from her own past and the abuse Dana had told her about and felt her eyes well up. The look of pain was one she recognized all too well. Her hand reached out toward Dana, and then she drew it back, unsure of what to say or do.

Alex shook her head, then brushed her own memory from her mind. In a soft voice, and with a turn of her head toward her companion, she asked,”What is it you want to explore, little one? Do you wish to explore the pain and pleasure aspect of BDSM or is it the act of submission or perhaps dominance of another in a safe way that intrigues you?”

With a slight sigh, Dana answered,”Both. I want to know the pain that brings pleasure, without being abused. I want to know it’s safe to allow someone to do things that otherwise might be uncomfortable, to know there will be pain, but I will never be harmed. [/indent][/indent][/indent][indent][indent][indent]
“I want to submit to one person. To allow them to help me explore who I believe I am. I want to pleasure and be pleasured. I need to let this side of me out that has been hidden for so long, even from me…” Dana concluded, when she saw the tender look of adoration on Alex’s face.



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3 responses to “Check out this book Just Sayin’

  1. Yes, strangely there’s a lot of M/M stories out there, but I rarely see F/F. Of course, this makes me curious as to whether or not any males are reading the M/M stories, or is it just straight females? Which would perhaps answer the question as to why straight females seem uninterested in F/F stories. Maybe? Maybe not?

  2. Good question Julia. I’ve often wondered that myself. I really didn’t realize just how slim the picken’s are for F/f. Interesting. I have a few more stories wanting to be written, but working under a pen name right now on a YA that won’t wait.

    Wanted to let you know, you’re entered in a contest to win a free copy of Second Chance at Love by commenting here at Jennifer’s blog. Good luck.

  3. Julia,
    Check you emails. I sent you a coupon code for Second Chance at Love as you were the winner! If you have any problems, just let me know and I’ll do what I can to get you a copy.

    Thank you hun for your promo. I really appreciate that you did that for me. *hugs*

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