Thirteen Reasons to Buy “Commanded To Dream” ( Strikes Again)

It’s been a while since I shamelessly plugged my stuff on a Thursday Thirteen.
1. The cover
April Martinez is awesome as always.
2. It’s a Command Book
If you haven’t been sucked in, give it try. You might like it.
3. Mrs. Giggles hasn’t trashed it…..yet. But she might soon. LOL!
4. Shasta Pasquel
One of Donny’s three daughters I tormented blessed him withl She’s a party girl who is just trying to stay one step ahead of her fear. Once she steps up and starts taking responsibility, she’s pretty awesome. The story is all about how she accepts her destiny and yet, makes it her own.
5. Andev
OMG. He’s pretty amazing. All dominant, all the time. Charm is NOT his strong suit, but he’s one of the most loyal, determined characters I’ve ever had. The only one who was more loyal than Andev was Terek Maji in “Bound Among The Stars: Commanded To Mate”. Something about the Dormrelian warriors.
6. Tylan
Charming, sweet and totally hot, he switches back and forth between Dom and sub, basically being awesome for both Andev and Shasta.
7. The Bad Guys
There’s a few here. But Kidak Juno is the baddest of the bad. Let’s just say he is REALLY bad. And deserves everything he gets.
8. The Sex is STEAMIN’ HOT
And some of it is in Andev and Shasta’s dreams.
9. Because I had to buy books by Kristen Painter, Jeannie Lin and Kate Pearce
No really. I had to. And my book habit is supported by my royalties.
10. Catch up with Elise and Donny
And some of the other secondary characters from The Command Series.
11. Did I mention it was HOT?
I did? I always say that. I know.
12. The Space Adventures
There’s some strong action going on in this book.
13. The Usual
I’ll cry big ole crocodile tears if you don’t. LOL!!! I’m totally kidding.

Here’s the blurby bit.
When Shasta Pasquel uses her special DNA to save Tylan Ryar, Andev Juno’s best friend and lover, she is drawn to both of them, but it is Andev in her dreams. The moment Andev touches Shasta, he knows she’s the woman he’s dreamed of for years. Unknowingly bound together since childhood in a world filled with political intrigue, terrorism, and family betrayal, Shasta and Andev find their destiny lies together. With Tylan beside them, they must conquer their past to seal their future, and Shasta discovers her fate: she’s been commanded to dream.



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11 responses to “Thirteen Reasons to Buy “Commanded To Dream” ( Strikes Again)

  1. Oh, please, please – don’t cry!!! 😉


    And yes, I’m intrigued. Heh.

    Happy TT!

  2. I’d say you have a fan in Mrs Giggles. I am guilty of not reading the series, but I plan to rectify this situation asap. Starving Artist Syndrome. lol
    Happy T13!

  3. Happy New Release, Jen! I agree – your cover grabs me.

  4. Knowing your work, I’ll bit it’s totally steaming.

  5. Congrats on the release! Hope the sales blast through the roof!

  6. Congratulations on the release! That sounds right up my alley — as soon as I finish another book and allow myself to read again. 😛 (I’ve got to try to motivate myself SOMEHOW!)

    OMG, I’ve managed to avoid the Giggler all these years. I could live with that for a few more years…

  7. Sounds interesting. Since I started writing my own SF rom series, I’ve been buying the same to see how other writers do it.


  8. I need to earn royalties so I can buy all these books by Diva’s!

    Sounds like a great book, and very steamy! Just the way I like ’em.

    Congrats on another great cover and book!

  9. Xakara

    All great reasons to jump in! I’ve put it on theTBB list and can’t wait 🙂

    Happy T13,

    13 Banned/Challenged Books

  10. Ah, those Dormrelian warriors. happy sigh.

  11. Fantastic! I like your tag of “pimpage”. It’s a well earned right, too!

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