“Commanded To Dream” is LIVE!

When Shasta Pasquel uses her special DNA to save Tylan Ryar, Andev Juno’s best friend and lover, she is drawn to both of them, but it is Andev in her dreams. The moment Andev touches Shasta, he knows she’s the woman he’s dreamed of for years. Unknowingly bound together since childhood in a world filled with political intrigue, terrorism, and family betrayal, Shasta and Andev find their destiny lies together. With Tylan beside them, they must conquer their past to seal their future, and Shasta discovers her fate: she’s been commanded to dream.
Welcome to the third book about the Next Generation of Asberek colonists. Like “Commanded to Yield” and “Commanded to Mate”, the two previous stories before this one, “Commanded to Dream” is set thirty years after Donny Pasquel almost dies from an obsessed Dormrelian general’s murderous attack. The Ang, a future seeing species, has tried to kidnap Donny’s daughters in an attempt to control their latent power. The fight between the Ang and Dormrela continue to influence Asberek and its people, dragging Shasta Pasquel into a world of politics, danger and violence.
I think what I love about this book is the theme of redemption that runs through the story. Shasta has thrown herself into a life of partying and inanity rather than deal with the responsibility of her genetics. Her childhood experiences were traumatic enough to drive her to seek oblivion rather than comfort in her life. What changes her is the evident suffering of the Dormrela, who willing die by the thousands to protect the humans on Asberek from the destructive forces from Earth Central. Once she sees that these warriors sacrifice themselves for the good of her people, she begins to question her role, her place in the universe.
In a way, redemption is the main character in this story. Shasta wants to redeem herself from a life that, up until this time, has been one of pleasure seeking with little pleasure. While others have toiled and fought to keep Asberek and its people safe, she went out and provided fodder for the vid streamers (the future’s paparazzi). Her story is one of accepting her destiny as a fulcrum for the future of three races.
Andev has been rejected his whole life by a dominating Dormrela family who hates him and everything he stands for. The journey of Andev to discover what family really means to him is difficult and takes him time. His relationship with Tylan, confusing at best, is complicated by Andev’s firmly held belief that he is somehow “unlovable”. Though Tylan has been the closest thing to family Andev has, he doesn’t realize what that means for him until he almost loses his friend…twice.
For Tylan, he struggles to make the outside and the inside of himself gel. The keeper of secrets early in life, he hides much of what he is behind a facade of social banter, of lighthearted conversation that keeps everyone at arm’s length and keeps his heart safe. He recognizes the need for Andev’s mating to Shasta though it breaks his heart. It’s when he finds he has feelings for Shasta that he discovers his true self. The complications that arise for him in this story are devastating for him, but Shasta and Andev are up to the task.
These characters were so awesome and I really hope I did them justice in the story.
You can BUY IT HERE.


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  1. Sue

    Is it Nook-able yet?!

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