There have been a few things cropping up that are starting to really get on my nerves. Things I have little or no control over and usually I can be humorous or whatever about, but lately? Not so much.
First let me say two things. I love Boy Scouts. And I love the Redneck.
Now that I’ve gotten those out of the way, I’ll continue.
My husband can be a first class pain in my ass. Most of the time, I can tolerate being his secretary, his “back up”, his nurse, but lately, I don’t want to be his anything. “Wife” (by any definition) is beginning to seem like “Slave”. Now remember that things have been rough for me lately and I’m viewing everything through shit colored glasses so….
But I am soooo tired of hearing the same shit over and over. I’m soooo tired of trying to play middle man between his fucking paranoia/meglomania and everyone else involved in our lives. At times, he behaves like a four year old, pissed off that I’m ignoring him, convinced the world has cheated him of something he’s earned and stamping his foot for attention.
The one thing about being married to an Alpha Male with a capital “A” is that this is normal. On the plus side, the man can make a decision, can take care of himself, and works like a fiend. On the negative, he’ll ramrod shit no matter who tries to tell him that “ramrodding” is the same as “being a dictator”. I get tired of talking to him about not being an asshole to get his way. I get tired of trying to be the middleman between one of the Cub Scout Bitches that totally bucks him at every turn.
And speaking of the Cub Scout Bitch. SHE has been on a roll lately. First of all, her kid is a little shit and she’s refusing to deal with it. She’s started leaving his ass at the meetings and going out drinking. There is NOTHING more irritating than dealing with her little shit for an hour and then reading on Facebook that the Bitch was at the Playroom having drinks with friends. I mean, our Cub Scouts are not from perfect homes. All of our kids with a few exceptions come from fucked up families with little or no parental support. This Bitch is starting to fall into that category.
Normally, I don’t judge, but it’s starting to effect my serenity. Her little shit doesn’t listen to ANYONE. He’s a trouble maker. Granted, not the only one, but the only one who WON’T FUCKING LISTEN. And the Bitch undoes EVERYTHING we try to do.
She’s convinced that she “knows” when he’s lying. No she doesn’t. She’s clueless. Her kid bald face lies and I’ve seen him do it. But the Bitch is ALL OVER one of the other kids that she’s written off as crap and doesn’t even try to see beyond the bad stuff.
What IS that and why the HELL would you be a fucking TEACHER if you feel that way?
*heavy sigh*
All I know is that the kids involved in Scouting is the easy part. It’s the “adults” (and I use that term loosely) who give me fits. Why the HELL can’t the “grown ups” involved (including the Redneck) behave like grown ups?
It’s popcorn season, so it’s busy, and crazy, and overwhelming. Why do I have to deal with the rest of the drama too?
I’m trying to remember why the hell I do this shit. Oh right. I’m trying to help kids learn to be honest, courteous, helpful, TOLERANT!!!!! *rolls eyes*
I don’t know how the hell I can do that when all I want to do is find a good place to hide a couple of bodies.
Right. There. Feel free to laugh now. LOL!
Someday some poor smuck is going to google Scouting and get more than they bargained for. LOL!


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