Thirteen awesome things I get to eat on Weight Watchers

Dieting sucks, no doubt, but here’s 13 things I’ve found that I can eat that I love.
1. Dijionnaise
Mustard mayonaissey type sandwich spread, I can use it as a dip. No points.
2. Carb Balance Tortillas
A little turkey meat wrapped up with green peppers and Dijionnaise? 5 points for two of em. Yum
3. Sugar snap peas
Perfect for snacking. 0 points.
4. Baby Carrots
Give me that crunch I need. 0 points.
5. Garlic Hummus
The new hummus flavors they have are AWESOME. This is my favorite and I use it as dip for my veges and spread on tortillas. Only 1 point per tablespoon. (That’s not bad. You should see ranch dressing.)
6. Pears
I just bought some and they were yummy!!!
7. Eggs
I can still have my eggs over easy in the morning-two eggs, margarine, two pieces whole wheat toast. 11 points. (Any time a meal stays within 10 to 15 points, it’s a good thing.)
8. Weight Watchers Mini Dark Chocolate turtles
2 points and totally worth it. (Just for the record, one milk chocolate Hershey’s kiss is 1 point. And not worth it.)
9. Apples
I told my friend I was starting to feel like a horse, but 0 points and satisfies that sweet tooth.
10. This recipe. First time I’ve ever liked chicken breasts.
11. Grapes
I remember when I did the Atkins diet that I plowed through two pounds of grapes when I lost it. LOL! I love my fruit.
12. Chicken Strips
Believe it or not, I can still go to McDonald’s and get three chicken selects and a diet coke for 11 points!!
13. Anything I want….if I’m willing to spend the points.
WW gives me extra points for when I go over my allowed daily points. I only used them the first week. So far? I’ve only lost three pounds, but this time I refuse to get discouraged.



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6 responses to “Thirteen awesome things I get to eat on Weight Watchers

  1. I’ve been thinking about Wight Watchers… Hmm. I think I must think some more.

  2. I’ll agree that Weight Watchers is good for helping control portions, etc, but I just totally disliked the whole “Wait until you’re thin before…” philosophy I heard at their meetings. Whenever someone would say “When I lose 10/15/30 pounds, I’ll do [insert nice thing] for myself.”

    “Why not do that nice thing for yourself now?” I’d say, and get laser-powered stink-eye from the counselors.

    Yeah, I wasn’t popular there. I lost more weight when I *didn’t* go to the meetings and just kept on the plan. Unfortunately, you have to go to the meetings (or you did, back then) in order to get the additional materials, refill pages, etc. Is it still like that? Or is it different online?

    Hmmm… I might look into that…

  3. Very cool! Those dark chocolate turtles sound yummy! Yes, I’m addicted to chocolate!


    My TT is at

  4. Xakara

    I’m not familiar with the first two and will rectify that immediately! 🙂

    Great on finding so many things that help you with all of this. I haven’t been hitting blogs outside of T13, but if you have a separate on that talks about the health side of things, or you talk about it here on regular days, let me know! I’d love to be part of the discussion.

    Happy T13,

    My Week

  5. Best wishes on reaching your goal!

  6. It’s funny you should mention baby carrots and hummus. I’ve been dipping my carrots in my hummus the last couple of days.

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