It’s a Mad House Here

Here’s some random thoughts to update you all on the insanity.
My house looks like an episode of “Hoarders”. Every flat surface is covered. Soon we’ll be making trails through the house so we can walk through it.
Trying to write while supremely busy and stressed out is no picnic….and not happening. I’ve been able to get my edits done….barely. I haven’t had time to do the fun stuff like read awesome stuff by Sofia Harper. *groans*
I have a release date for “Commanded to Dream”. It’s coming out September 26th and I’m stoked!!!! It took six months to get a contract and this is my first release this year. There’s more information HERE.
Boy Scouts of America is just as dysfunctional as every other organization I’ve been involved in. Let’s just say that “some” people are probably going to get an ugly shock at how things turn out. It never, ever pays to rock a foundering boat and “some” people think it makes them look “efficient”. Nope. Makes you look stupid. But maybe that’s what they were going for.
The Cub Scout Bitches have been a bit disjointed lately. I’ve got one of them posting her drinking escapades on Facebook. What IS that? If you’re thirty or younger, please explain this to me. Why the FUCK would you post how much/often you drink on a site where EVERYONE (including your mother) can read it? And the constant pics of yourself? WTF? It looks totally narcissistic. *shrugs* What do I know? I’m old.
Fall is here. Football and soccer are going full bore. I’m running like a madwoman. Usually, I am the most responsible of adults. (Stop laughing.)
I lost the keys to the Veteran’s Hall.
Lost them.
Still haven’t found them.
Do I have “I suck” written on my forehead? I should.
Anyway, Weight Watchers has been okay. I’m smoking again. (Damn it!) And Life is living up to its reputation for kicking the shit out of me.
That said, I love my life. I was talking to a friend yesterday and I realized. I CHOSE this. I prayed and prayed to have kids, have a full life FILLED with activity and joy. I have that. I have friends that carry me through tough times. I have a husband I love to distraction. I have a LIFE with a capital “L”. That was what they told me to do when I got to Al-Anon back in 1990. “Get a life”.
And not doing ANYTHING half measures….I did.
So, as crazy as it all is…as frustrating as life gets….I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
God has granted me a gift and I’m using it to its full potential.
Now, if I can just slow down….just a little.



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3 responses to “It’s a Mad House Here

  1. I realize this was probably not meant to be hilarious, but I was cracking up anyway … though it’s possibly due to relating to most of it. You have a new follower. BTW, good luck on the slowing down.

  2. LOL! Actually, most of my life IS hilarious. And though losing the keys is No Laughing Matter, ME losing them is side splitting funny. So, that said, I’m thrilled you were cracked up (in a good way) and love having followers.
    Thanks for the good luck. I’ll need it.

  3. Sue

    Never gonna grow up, never gonna slow down. Shinin’ like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock shoooooooowwwww! (you’ve just been serenaded, in case you didn’t know)

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